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5 Things That You Should Keep in Mind on Your First Sales Call

Do you know your prospects can help you to know the market and your competitors?

This is no secret that your customers can be the main source of information to improve your business. There is nothing wrong with concentrating on your potential customers, but these customers can only be a luxury for your company. If you really want to grow up and want to become the first choice for your customer, trust me, it’s not going to work for you.

You have no other choice than giving equal attention to all of your customers and especially to those whom you’re introducing your company for the first time.

The first sales call with your customer is always interesting. You simply can’t detect that what questions you’re going to face. Probably because of this only, calling is one of my favorites of all the ways to reach the customers.

Tring… Tring…  Hello. That’s it, now the whole game is yours.

On one hand, you have your own pavilion to build your game on your first call. On the other hand, it can be your first call only which can be a reason for your continuously failing sales proposal.

Here are 5 points that you should keep in your mind if you’re giving the first call to your customers.

1. Take Permission

First and foremost, understand this fact that it’s your job to call them and sell your product/service and you’re getting paid for this.

It’s you, not them.

They’re not getting paid to listen to you. As you’re doing your duty, they are also busy in some work. So, better not to disturb them by directly jumping into the conversation. If it’s your first call and you’re doing this, no doubt you’re not going to make a good deal.

So, ask. Take their permission. Add a line just after your brief introduction:

“Is this a right time to talk to you Mr./Miss/Mrs. XYZ”

This will make them feel that you respect their time. If they will say Yes. Go on with a brief explanation of your brief reason for your call. By brief, I mean really brief. If the reply is No. Don’t panic, ask for the best time when he/she is available and make sure you call on the given time.

2. Know Your Customers


People are not going to purchase anything until or unless it’s not fulfilling their needs.

Yes, sometimes people do impulsive buying. But generally, they come with deep research and specific needs. A good speaker never enters a room without knowing whom he/she is going to deal with, their age, and interests.

Being a salesperson, you also have to do the same thing. Always do your homework before calling a person, instead simply irritating him with your mugged script. Do a small research about the company or the person. The Internet is a vast thing and you can find anything and everything there.

Pay attention to the needs of the person and company you’re going to deal with. Focus on helping your customers rather than consider them as just a project for you. Target the right people as no matter how much you’re trying to explain your ideas to a person, he’s not going to give a shit if he’s not aware of the matter you’re talking about.

3. Have a Two Way Conversation

The reason many people fail to convert their first sales call into a potential lead is, they concentrate more on hard sales practices and follow a scripted technique.

Even your customer is a  human being and not a robot. If you’re talking to a human being you have to talk and not pitch up your sales ideas.

Don’t be a crocodile with a big mouth and small ears. Listen, analyze, and then open your mouth to some logical points. If you’re making sense, there is no doubt that the next person will listen to you.

Keep questioning, but don’t be a reporter. Come up with some logical and open-ended question so that you can make a two-way conversation. Talk with facts and statistics that will build trust for you.

4. Expect The Unexpected

The reason why GPS system is becoming a problem and mess more than helping drivers because they expect it to run every time properly. Might that GPS won’t be able to detect new roads getting constructed, new blocking, weather condition. So, it’s always good to see the latest map before starting your trip.

Same goes for the sales profession. When you’re contacting your customer for the first time you to be prepared for some unexpected situations. In spite of avoiding such situations and running from such unexpected questions from your customers try to understand the situation.

If a customer is saying that this product won’t help his company. Try to ask him that what kind of product he is searching for rather than giving up and disconnecting the call.

5. Keep Following Up

If it’s first call, no matter you ended the call with good terms with the customer or not. You’ve to keep following your customers.

Remember! Following up doesn’t mean invading someone’s personal space. Don’t let them forget you at the same time not to disturb them. Ask for the right time to call them back and be on time. If you’re busy somewhere else, try to give a follow-up call asking for some other time and explain your situation.

Sales Questions to Understand Your Customer

So, if it’s your first sales call all you have to do is to do some homework and understand their needs. There is no doubt that today’s customers are smart and you can’t simply go and fool them. Yes, their wants and needs are complex. They are very curious yet hesitant to share information.

But they have never-ending access to all the details online. To provide value to these smart and new era customers, all you need is to change your list of questions that you generally ask your customer in your first sales call.

Here are super 9 questions that help you in rocking your first sales call:
  1. What attracted you to think about our product/service?
  2. What strategy do you use before going for any product/service?
  3. What are your short term and long term goals?
  4. What are your buying factors?
  5. Which company are you currently with?
  6. Are you satisfied are you with their service?
  7. How you want us to serve your needs?
  8. What are your priorities?
  9. What are your needs?
Benefits Of Concentrating On Your First Call To Your Customer:

It’s very simple, by doing this you can sell more. By studying your customer’s feedback you can enhance your product and services. Sometimes people come behind just because of your name. Creating value for your customers will make them visit again and again and will make you as their first preference. So try not to be a robot and calling people in a stack.

Finish a call, chill yourself for few minutes, do a small research, and give a fresh you to all your fresh customers.


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