Wednesday, 6 November 2019

5 Terrible PPC Mistakes To Avoid Come Rain Or Shine

While there are many ad formats and avenues of digital marketing when it comes to giving immediate and ROI-driven results, nothing works as efficiently as PPC campaigns. The best thing about PPC ads is that you pay only when an ad is clicked and not just when it appears on people's screens. PPC ads, when done right, can produce a steady stream of profits for your business.
Another good thing about them is that you get your ad to spring up at the right time, at the right place when your target audience is all ready to purchase. But here's the not-so-good thing — many PPC professionals miss out on a thing or two either during the planning or management phase of the ad, leading to damp performance.
As a PPC company in Pune that has been helping businesses get value for money results for the ads, we have identified certain mistakes that need to be avoided.
PPC company in Pune

Going for broad keywords

The whole point of PPC is that it allows for precise, niche targeting but when marketers opt for broad keywords they basically defeat this core purpose. By going with broad keywords, you give Google a lot of freedom than you ought to thereby invite relevant traffic on your website, increasing the bounce rate, and of course, wasting your marketing budget.
While we mostly target the exact match keywords as they yield desirable results, we do realize that for better conversion rates and more relevant searches, we need to explore In such cases, we go with broad match modified or phrase match.

Scrambling for the #1 spot

We totally understand the thrill of appearing on the top spot. By bidding higher, there's a likelihood of securing the highest spot. But here's the difference - it's a possibility and not a guarantee. In a bid to be on the #1 position for your ad, you may be tempted to spend more money but what if appearing on the 2nd or 3rd spot give you good results?
PPC company in Pune

Not tracking the performance

You definitely want the PPC specialists to keep a track on your campaigns and not forget about them just as soon they went live. This is why setting up a conversion tracker with your ad platform becomes so essential. If you can't tell which keywords or ad groups or landing pages are performing better or poorer, there's just no point of going on with the ad campaigns and waste your money. The idea is to eventually increase your conversion rate and reduce your cost per conversion — but for that, you need to know what areas need improvement or fine-tuning.

Not making use of negative keywords

The logic behind including negative keywords in your AdWords campaign is simple — you don't want meaningless traffic on your website and spend money on them. Negative keywords are keywords that block your ad from showing up for search queries that aren't relevant to your business or company. As an experienced PPC company in Pune, we always make sure we collate a list of negative keywords before we begin the campaign. This practice has helped us successfully lower the cost per acquisition and deliver ROI-driven results for our clients.

Not venturing beyond auto-bidding

Automatic bidding is the natural go-to option for new beginners. But beginners don't stay beginners forever and need to go on to the next level if they want better results. The thing with auto bidding is that they don't allow for core keywords optimization, in other words, it doesn't let you specifically bid on keywords which can help get your d at the top of the page. Manual bidding might seem daunting in the beginning but if you want your each of your rupees spent wisely and leading to profit, the effort of familiarizing with manual bidding is all worth it.
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