Tuesday, 5 November 2019

5 Sure-fire Ideas for Promoting Your Election Campaign

Are you thinking to promote your election campaign or your candidate’s?

Doesn’t matter if your candidature is new or old, what matters is that the candidate should be remembered by the voters. This requires a smart marketing strategy.

Marketing team of a political party or some third party company keep looking for new and innovative ways to generate more leads during elections. Right?

If you’re also the one, we won’t leave you empty-handed. In this article, you’ll find 5 sure-fire ideas for promoting your election campaign.

1. Create a Facebook Page

It’s a good platform to connect with your audience. Without wasting a minute, create a Facebook page (dedicate to your election campaign) and start experiencing the power of Facebook. Make sure that your cover image mentions about your campaign, candidates views and experiences.

Facebook allows you to post such messages with valuable information regularly. It also allows you to start a conversation with your fans and followers. Don’t forget to write an encouraging call-to-action (CTA). You can also use hashtags to make your posts searchable.

2. Broadcast Your Voice Message

It’s not enough to address public from the podium because there are many things to address but there is no time. But attachment with your voters is very important so that they can understand you and your achievements. Voice broadcasting can be a help here.

It allows you to reach everyone with your self-recorded voice message. Just record your message and send it to your audience in no time. This is the best way to deliver your message to thousands/lakhs of people in a short duration. You can also personalize your message and encourage them to take action like “Press 1 if you support us” - a better understanding of your voter’s interest.

How can it help you?

  • Personally connect with the public in one click in no time in your own voice.
  • Let people share the feedback through this call via key input/DTMF system.
  • Perfect channel to improve your candidate presence among the voters.
  • Send greetings, thank you messages to acknowledge that you care for common people.

3. Use Mobile Smartly

There are approx 730 million mobile users in India. Use this way smartly. Text messaging can be very helpful to your political campaign. SMS is the direct medium for communication. Text messages go directly to the inbox of all contacts.

How can it help you?
  • Send messages to your supporters and invite them to an event or rallies.
  • Send notifications and alerts about important updates or media appearances.
  • Send your voters a friendly message on election day reminding them to vote.
  • Perfect channel to improve your candidate presence among the voters.
  • Send greetings, thank you messages to acknowledge candidate’s  involvement.  
  • Send registration messages to create a new community or add in existing one.

4. Regular Feedback from Your Voters

Who’s the most important part of your election campaign?

Your candidate?

No - it’s only your voters.

More interested voters mean more chances to win.

Missed call alert/DTMF can be your friend to gather more interested prospects. You just have to provide your missed call number to your targeted audience and they’re supposed to make a free call on that number. With one ring, the call will be disconnected. And you get interested voters.

It’s also a great way to gather feedback from your supporters.

5. Send Email Newsletters to Your Audience

Email is the most direct and simple way to connect with your voters. It’s a cost-effective way to convert your leads into prospects. Create a beautiful and effective email newsletter. Invest your time in creating valuable content. Educate people and they’re more likely to forward your email newsletter to their friends which might make your campaign viral. Always remember, if you want to win people you must earn their loyalty. And a reliable email marketing service provider company can help you achieve that.

So, you have 5 effective ways to promote your election campaign that really work. I believe these ways will surely help you.  


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