Monday, 11 November 2019

5 Signs That Indicate It’s High Time You Update Your Small Business Website

If you are facing questions like – why should I update my website? Or what are the reasons to redesign your website? Then, you are in the right place. That’s because we will be giving you the answers to such questions in this blog.
Your site is an indispensable part of your business. It might have been best in class when it was initially developed. yet web technologies change so rapidly that your site would not be as updated as you think. Is it time for a site updation or a redesign?
Here are a few tips to help you know if it’s high time to update your site:
  1. Search engines are unable to find your website:
Just like graphics need to be revived from time to time, similarly the optimization of your site. Perhaps your site used to rank well and doesn’t any longer because of Google’s changes in it’s algorithm.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continually evolving and developing process. Once in a while a current site can be better enhanced with a revive or an update, however at times it’s the best option to come up with a fresh website design. It really helps.
  1. Content has become old:
At the point when your business changes, your site needs to mirror that. Visitors can very easily tell when your site isn’t current, and it will impact their impression of your business or company.
For instance, it’s awesome that your business is “getting ready” to open another location, aside from that you opened it three years prior. In the event that the content on your site has not developed with your business, it reflects in a poor manner about you.
Keep your visitors informed by enhancing your content as often as possible. Updating website content regularly is not just useful for site visitor perceptions, but it also keeps search engines happy as well. Google decides rankings by checking for new, fresh and relevant content on websites.
  1. Fails on mobile devices:
In today’s times any site will at the least appear on mobile browsers. Be that as it may, is your site really usable on a small mobile screen? Is the content readable? Do the forms work? On the off chance that you can’t answer yes (or you have no clue if your online contact form works on a smart phone), it’s high time to make a move.
There are a number of approaches to update your site for a mobile phone, however not all are as compelling. The best strategy right now is having a responsive design – however, even responsive design best practices have changed amid the last few years. Try not to miss out on mobile users! Ensure your site has the practical and technical updates to work successfully on mobile phones.
  1. Site graphics have become stale:
It’s difficult to stay up with each of the cool trending graphics in your website design. In the event that you attempted, your site would never be completed. Maintain a strategic distance from trend hopping with a solid design that can stand the trial of time, yet addresses the requirements and desires of your site visitors.
Trends keep on coming and going, however there are a few styles that are practically away for good – splash pages (that say “enter here”), flash animation, anything that blinks on and off. Similarly as old content will be off-putting to numerous users, so will the irritating, outdated graphics.
  1. Social media links are missing:
Social media accounts happen to be an effective and a great way to promote your business. In case you are already using various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to connect with your customers, you are heading in the right direction.
However, a good online marketing strategy means a combination of all your online content. Make it easy for the customers to discover your social media by linking to it on your main website.
Post reading this, you will not only come to know whether it is the right time to update your website, but also get an idea regarding how often should you redesign your website. The internet is advancing on a daily basis – is your site keeping up? Here, Digitize Brand Offers to You Digital Marketing Company in Pune


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