Tuesday, 5 November 2019

5 Reasons LinkedIn Is Sweeter Than a Cake

Who like cakes?

Sorry, my bad!

Who doesn’t like a cake? The fact is we all simply love cake, the only difference is our preference of flavors in it. Your meal is complete if you get a piece of sweet cake for your dessert.

The same technique work for a company, you have dug your best marketing strategies, you even applied it successfully, you’re going all good with your branding and financial plannings. Now, the only thing needed is a cherry on the top of your cake of marketing.

What could be better than Linkedin?

There are other social media channels which can help you in growing up like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and much more. At times they can help you in giving exposure of your company to the public. You always have to look up to your necessities and limitation while using these social media for business.

But, Linkedin is a platform where business is the main focus and not photos of cats and food unless it is your business of course!

And yes! Numbers don’t lie.Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with 467 million number of users presently.
LinkedIn is no magical website, but rather a tool that can help you get connected with the right people at the right time who’ll help you in taking your business to another level.

It’s so simple as it is the perfect example of every person is connected to other by no more than six degrees of separation from else. In simple words, it is so easy for an individual to get connected with anyone utilizing their network of contacts.

There are a lot of reasons which prove that LinkedIn is sweeter than a cake and can help your company’s strategies to be perfect. If you’re still in doubt then here comes the 5 most important reasons that will make you believe that the taste of Linkedin for your company is sweeter than a cake.

1. Linkedin Search = Lead Generation+Instant Sales

Using Linkedin search you can easily connect to your potential customers by industry type, their job role, location or even their high school. Once you’re done with creating the list of people who are of your use, the next thing you’ve to do is to create a personalization between you and your contact and trust me, on LinkedIn, it’s so damn easy.

For example, if you’re searching for some database administrator and you’ve successfully created your ideal list by using the filter of LinkedIn search. Now you can send them an invitation for connection by including a message asking about the weather of the place they are living.

That’s all just now you’ve broken the ice of professionalism between you and your customer, you've provided an one on one personalization treatment and your message will not let the other person forget about you. So, Linkedin is a perfect combo of generating leads and then targeting them to generate sales.

2. Network = Net Worth

Linkedin is just according to its name getting linked with other people. The network plays a vital role when you’re looking for better opportunities, whether it is regarding business or job or sales or anything.

Your network will always help you in pulling you forward. Getting connected with intellectuals, experts and experienced one in your industry will help you today to take the right decision and will help you tomorrow to grow more.

Not only this, but if you have a solid networking and participate in groups actively you become a kickass consideration for some really amazing opportunities whenever needed.

Therefore the better you’ll start building your network and positioning yourself as an industry leader, the better business deals and lead you can create.

3. Connections = Reputation

So, now we know that okay! Linkedin is so good for making new connections and maintaining a professionalism. But there is one thing you can’t avoid-Reputation. The reputation of your company, its brand awareness, it’s social presence is something that builds trust among people for you.

Three things LinkedIn can help you with to increase and maintain your professional reputation:

SEO: In today’s search going society being available in search engines increases your chances of getting chosen. Anybody would like that big business director can access their phone, address, websites and other media of contact and LinkedIn is a perfect tool to build that.

Brand Awareness: Anything good happening in your company can be seen by people and especially to them whom you want to require and need. Linkedin takes your company from an office chamber to a huge brand exposure

Online Presence: It is very important that your customers see what do you want them to see. Sharing positive and useful contents gives an online presence to your company which helps your potential crowd to follow and refers you.

4. Good Hiring = An Asset

The main and foremost asset of a business is the human asset. Hiring people can help you in carrying your company, but good hiring can help you in growing it to the other level. LinkedIn gives a platform to provide job openings and can help in attracting a pool of talent. Moreover, a candidate's profile can speak much more about his skills rather than a one-page resume.

5. Providing Value = Professional Development

With Linkedin, it’s easy to speak out about your products or services, and your offers. You can even tailor your information depending on the different industry type and demographics. Professional development is all about providing guidance, knowledge, and value to your customers.

And these three things can easily be delivered if you are using Linkedin.  Providing value to your customers, you can grow more rapidly and correctly.


Coming to the conclusion whether Linked is sweeter than a cake or not I would suggest you only to decide after going through these 5 reasons provided. So, using world’s largest professional network might not do a magic and make you successful overnight, but yes, there is no doubt it can put some fuel in your vehicle going to achieve success. Remember! Every second 2 members are joining Linkedin. So, don't lack behind and give a professional exposure to yourself.


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