Wednesday, 13 November 2019

5 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies To Generate Leads

With the marketing competition getting more and more complicated, a realtor should know from where and how to generate sales leads that can convert into sales. The best thing for real estate companies is to use digital marketing strategy. A great marketing strategy for a real estate company can lead potential buyers and convert them to paying customers. Real estate marketing strategy gives agents an advantage over the competition. To summarize here is a list of digital marketing strategies that can effectively generate leads.
  1. Use the power of social media – Creating post on social media that can entice engagement and catchy for the readers is a great way to get some leads. Currently, Facebook has a platform that can help you in reaching out to many audiences by boosting your post which you have to pay for a certain amount. Consider also using other social media sites to boost your online presence such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
  2. Create an Agenda – Plan your content. Believe in it. Social media platforms have an option to schedule post on which time you would like it be posted. As a result, if you plan these out ahead of time, you will be more productive and it will help you do other tasks. There are various platforms that can help you schedule your posts automatically. Plan carefully and consider what is best for you.
  3. Use a website – A properly SEO optimized website can help a real estate company to boost lead generation. In order for websites to be catchy, it must include a convincing layout and complete information about your real estate company. It should have a unique style maybe some image posting of the properties you sell. Websites are very effective in terms that you don’t have to be there to market your properties. To collect their inquiries, put a quote page or a contact form with your contact details so they can inquire to you via phone or email.
  4. Use a Sales Funnel – A Sales Funnel is a series of different pages, often gives a special freebie like pdf guides or consultation that enables them to capture leads such as email and name upon completion of an opt in form. The success of a sales funnel is on how engaging and converting a copywrite is. One other advantage of sales funnel is you can integrate it to a marketing service like Infusion soft and also you can automate sending follow up emails using action funnels.
  5. Interaction – Given that you have already succeeded in doing social media marketing, got some leads in your sales funnels and inquiries in your website, the next thing important to do is to follow them up. If you are not following up or replying to messages that you receive in a promptly manner, chances are these people will lose interest. Remember be responsive to their messages and treat them good. You will never know, you can get your customer in that moment when you have done it right.
Added with the traditional marketing, Digital Marketing can help Real Estate businesses boost lead generation and customer conversion. Which one you think is effective for your business?
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