Wednesday, 6 November 2019

5 Real Benefits of Website Redesign

As if designing the website first time around wasn't any less time consuming, arduous or *clearing throat* wallet-friendly affair that we are trying to talk you into redesigning it? But please, don't write us off yet because we do have some solid reasons (benefits included) that will make you ease up on the whole idea of website redesigning.
We have clients who ask, "why should I redesign our website?" as well as clients who ask us to redesign their website because they don't like it anymore or have seen their competitor unveil a chic new website and want something similar. As a leading web design company in Pune that has been creating responsive websites for clients for over 18 years, we believe it is worth knowing what benefits you can reap when you say 'go ahead'.

Benefit #1: It improves the SEO ranking of your website

No matter how you slice it, the logic behind having a website in the first place is to make it visible on search engines. Or else, it is just a personal project you show people who ask for it. You need optimally sprinkled keyword content that will get you on the top of the Google search result page. More than what your rivals are doing, you should care about what new algorithm Google is rolling out, after all, it's Google you want to impress! When you decide to redesign your website, you also agree to rethink your content structure, current content, brand messaging, CMS, link building, and the whole nine yards. Making these changes will pave the way for increased visibility and not forget an upswing in website traffic! Ask any top SEO company and they will swear by this tactic!

Benefit #2: It will help you harness the power of your mobile

If your current website is not mobile-responsive, we hate to be the one to tell you that you are preventing yourself from growing, reaching new audiences, and delivering an ideal experience to your customers. When our clients ask us why they should go for a responsive web design instead of just making it mobile-friendly, our answer is always this - a responsive website design ensures smooth functioning not only on desktops and smartphones but also on tablets and mini tablets. Basically, you don't have to worry about how your design or content will look on different devices.
It will help you harness the power of your mobile
A mobile-friendly website gets a little complicated as it has its own backend to care of and it increases your team's workload of maintaining two different platforms. Whereas in the case of a responsive web design, you just have one interface where all the changes you want to make will reflect seamlessly across all the devices.

Benefit #3: It will train the spotlight on your effort to stay relevant

Nobody wants to be on a website that looks just as crammed as it was 5 years ago. Yes, they were a thing of the past but not anymore. You need to partner with a company that specializes in user-friendly web design and has its finger on the pulse of emerging trends. Redesigning a website also gives a message out to your customers that you are making efforts to be relevant to their changing preferences. This bodes well for your credibility and ultimately, your sales.

Benefit #4: It will boost your conversion rates

Website redesigning is your opportunity to set things right. Maybe your call-to-action needs to be placed somewhere more prominently on the website or you need to do away with an intrusive exit pop as it's doing you no good. There many things that are obstructing conversions and embarking on a website redesign project would be your step towards plucking out the no purpose serving inessentials and incorporating the essentials that will boost your conversion rates.

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