Wednesday, 6 November 2019

5 Proven Email Practices to Double Your Profit

Email marketing is gaining popularity among businesses for many good reasons like effective reach to target customers, low marketing cost etc.
While it has become one of the best sources of lead generation and earning profits in the market, there is more that you can do with email marketing. You can easily double your profits by adopting a few simple practices that will take your email marketing to unparalleled levels

Send emails more frequently

Most of the businesses are less willing to send emails frequently to their customers as they are afraid that their subscribers would opt out of their list. But it is the opposite when it comes to customers.
The inboxes of your customers are getting bombarded with numerous emails everyday from everywhere around the world. So you can’t just sit and let others take away your customer’s precious attention. You have to speak up and reach out to your customers more frequently.
In other words, you have to email your customers or invaluable subscribers more often. You might ask at this point, that how frequently should you email your customers?
Though it mostly depends on your business and type of content you want to provide your customers, you can email them whenever necessary. The point is to condition them to open your email at regular intervals so that they begin to respond and convert easily. So if you email them every week, make sure you do not miss it.

Use non-conventional subject lines

Gone are the days when customers used to open all emails that landed in their inboxes. With the number of emails increasing day by day in the inbox of customers, it has been observed that the email open rates are falling rapidly.
Thus, you have to work harder to get people to open your marketing emails. One of the best ways to do this is to create an unconventional and eye catchy headline.
For example, if everyone among your competitors is using longer subject lines, you can be a game changer and catch your customer’s attention by using a shorter headline.
Take use of more imagination while creating a subject line, as these are the ones that represent your email. Your customer will decide from the subject line whether to open your email or not. Short and quirky subject lines are easier to read and grasp the customer’s curiosity to know what is further written in your email.
Also remember that 55 percent of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, where there is a limited area for words, as the average mobile screen can fit only fewer words.
Market research suggests that keeping the subject lines 1-2 words long and less than 50 characters is good for catching instant customer attention.
subject line chart
Image source: Campaign Monitor

Personalize your emails

Another best way to double your profits using email marketing is to personalize your emails. Email personalization has proven results of improving transaction rates, conversion rates and more.
You can easily add a personalization token in your emails like a first name or location to your email subject lines that will also help you double your profits through emails.
Personalized emails can bring you 6 times more revenue than non-personalized emails. The higher level of personalization you use, the more you lift up your emails. It also makes the customer feel a sense of comfort and familiarity when opening up about their desires and expectations with your business.
Consider the email example from Spotify. The email seems particularly effective because it captures personalization in its emails and makes the recipient feel that they are being rewarded for their usage.
Another way to personalize your emails is to use phrases like ‘top listener’ ‘be the first one to get access’ as it provides a sense of exclusivity to the customer, making them feel important.
spotify email
Image Source: Spotify

Segment your customers

One of the easiest ways to double your profits by emails is to segment your list of customers. You can segment your customers according to their personas, habits, age, gender, demographic area etc. Every email campaign that you send should hit the customers for whom it has some value.
For example, if you own a business of winter garments, then if is beneficial to target demographic areas that have either winter season or is near to winters.
By segmenting your list and sending only relevant information to the customers of each list, you are bound to notice an improvement in the revenue. In fact, every business in the world should have a separate buyer’s email list.
Your existing buyers are responsible for driving 80 percent of your company’s revenue. Therefore they form the backbone of your company, which when fully developed can triple or more your business profits easily.
list segmentation
Image source: Ongage

Keep your email short and informative

With increase in the number of emails in the inboxes of customers, people are being starved of time to read each and every mail completely. In times like these, it is best to keep emails short so that the customers can read and understand what you have to say very easily.
Consider it a key to double your revenues. Short and informative emails easily draw customer’s attention towards the call to action button. Ideally, emails should not be longer than a few sentences. You can jot down the important message as bullet points in your emails.
For example, if your email is about your product, you can mention the advantages of your products in bullet points. The idea is to keep the eyes of the customer moving throughout your email. And then, it is important to mention one ultimate call of action button so that the customer knows what to do next.
Doubling your revenues through email marketing can be easy if appropriate measures are adopted. The key is to provide value to your customers and focus on developing a healthy relationship with them.
Most of the businesses forget to value their existing customers in search of new leads and this is why they fall back in making more profits. So, clean your list and earn the trust of your customers to double of profits with email marketing.

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