Saturday, 23 November 2019

5 Power Packed Words To Be Used For Marketing

Let’s begin with a question:
Headline A: ‘How To Make More Money’
Headline B: ‘3 Secrets That Will Instantly Boost Your Profits For Free’
Which headline looks good to you? Well, it’s obviously Headline B. This line is actually click worthy. People will want to know more about the topic and read about the article.
You can make the same kind of transformation on your own headlines and ad copy by incorporating these powerful marketing words whenever possible.
Always think about the consumer. Keep that ‘You’ attitude to speak to your clients. Show them how they can be benefitted. You is the most powerful word in marketing. You build a connection with the reader and it is you that build the conversation. Make your writings more conversational, you will win.
FREE! FREE! FREE, hold on, we are not offering any deals here. LOL. But yes, just the way you got excited, your consumers should be excited too. Offering something for free is an add-on. This can be a great way to bring more readers and get your consumers coming to your page more frequently.
Giving a reason to your consumer to use certain thing will help you gain sales. Try putting on the word because, this means a lot for your consumer and their question is answered – why should I buy this? Because… can add here.
No, don’t reveal it all but yes up to a limit. Your consumers will love to know a secret about your product. Share what is unique and will build interest in your consumers. The info you share should be a little valuable and known.
Don’t Miss
Another term that implies a sense of urgency. Use it with your best offers or most special pieces of content to tell lackadaisical readers “Hey! This is something good you don’t want to miss!”
Use them and do let us know if they work.

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