Thursday, 7 November 2019


Bill Gates once rightly said, “The internet is becoming the town square for a global village of tomorrow”. Today, we live in a world where technology is rapidly evolving. The advances in technology have propelled the growth of the manufacturing industry as well as several other types of businesses. As the adoption of the internet is growing exponentially, digital marketing has witnessed a huge demand from small to large business entities. The manufacturing industry, however, has not yet opened its doors completely as far as digital marketing is concerned as they rely on conventional marketing techniques. However, digital marketing can do wonders for manufacturing company and also save costs and valuable time.
Technooyster, a digital marketing agency is at the forefront of digital marketing for manufacturing companies. We have streamlined our business operations to optimize digital marketing for the manufacturing industry. Our focus is to uplift the business of manufacturers and our team of professional digital marketers understands the various aspects of digital marketing and hence formulates the best strategies for our clients.
In the current scenario, digital marketing has not yet gained complete acceptance from the manufacturing industry. However, there are several benefits of digital marketing that manufacturers either completely ignore or just have no awareness about! Let’s take a closer look at how digital marketing could potentially be a stepping stone for manufacturing companies.
1. Brand awareness
Digital marketing is one of the best and the most effective ways to build brand awareness for manufacturers. By creating a website and optimizing the important keywords, individuals are likely to find you through organic searches. In addition, having a presence on social media platforms is also likely to boost the overall awareness of your brand.
Manufacturers can build brand awareness by:
1. Getting old and current customers to follow your company on various social media mediums.
2. Create social media groups and initiate conversations by using hashtags.
3. Create a team that develops high-quality content and SEO strategies
4. Formulate an effective Pay per click (PPC) strategy
 2. Enhance Customer Loyalty
In the current era, customers are more aware and like to reach out to brands through the internet. Studies have revealed that around 95 percent of adults that are between 18 and 34 engage with a brand on social media platforms. Hence, manufacturers can make the most of this opportunity and engage with the current as well as the potential customers and build a strong relationship.
When brands, companies, manufacturers adopt an effective digital marketing strategy, they are bound to create a strong customer loyalty. In addition, around 70 percent customers who have a good experience engaging with brands on social media are likely to spread a good word about your brand in the market.
 3. Spearhead Thought Leadership
Digital marketing offers an excellent platform for manufacturers to illustrate their expertise in their manufacturing domain. As mentioned previously, customers seek answers to all their queries on the internet and if you manage to provide the right answers to them, individuals are likely to come back to your online platform in the future. Moreover, it is an excellent platform for manufacturers to showcase their understanding of the market and the industry to attract potential clients.
 4. Showcase Your Capabilities
Another advantage of digital marketing is that it is one of the best platforms to showcase what you are capable of doing. Social media posts include a diverse range of visual content that instantly connects with customers and at the same time promotes your brand. When customers hear something, they are likely to remember only 10 percent after three days, whereas, if they see something, they remember around 60 percent of the data. Hence, creating effective visual content is an excellent way to showcase your capabilities.
 5. Generate Leads
Even in digital marketing, marketing automation is gradually gaining a strong foothold. Hence, with marketing automation and data analytics, you can keep a track of customer behavior on your website. Once customers offer their data and are converted into a lead, you can use digital marketing to give them exactly what they are looking for. Brands that have adopted marketing automation witnessed a surge of around 80 percent and a significant boost to the number of leads.
Digital marketing over the years has emerged as an excellent platform for brands to increase engagement, customer loyalty, and brand awareness. Digital marketing for manufacturing companies is gradually gaining importance as manufacturers are gradually realizing the various advantages of the same. Digital marketing for the manufacturing industry has a huge scope in the current scenario and is set to witness a growth in the future.

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