Tuesday, 5 November 2019

5 Hacks To Craft Customer-Centric Content

If you want to become a good marketer, there are two things you can’t skip: Being Innovative and Being creative.

Today marketing is all about to glut your business with new, innovative, and unique Ideas in an extremely creative way. But there are some techniques that can be proved as a game-changing move for your business. One of such techniques is creating customer-centric content.

A perfect technique to highlight the desires and needs of your customer and how your business can help your customers to achieve their demands.

What Is A Customer-Centric Content

There is no doubt that content marketing is taking marketing steps to some other level, but there are segments in content marketing as well.

One of such segment is, creating content based on your customer's interests and needs. This approach is an outstanding combination of awareness, understanding, and service which defines sharply the value of the customers. After all, the best way to serve your customer is to serve them what they want rather than thinking maybe this is the stuff they want.

Before going deep inside this technique, it’s very necessary to check your current level. Here are a few question for you.
  • Do you provide a clear purpose in your content?
  • Do you provide informative and fresh content that is relevant to your customers?
  • Does it define the path of your customers to increase the engagement?
If you have said yes to all the three questions, then you are on the right track. But if your answers are no or I don’t know, be serious you have to work hard for your content.

If your business is a B2B business, you have to be very careful about your client's choice, so as they can keep going with you instead of opting for your competitors.

You must have seen many times people roasting a brand for a mall mistake on Facebook or some other social platform. Although it may not result in any adverse decline of the company for sure but for sure temporary hamper the brand image of the company.

One of the most appropriate ways to gain your customer's trust again is to create customer-centric content. Such piece of work not only gain the trust of customers but also give a brand value to your company and can present it as a credible leader in the market.

5 Hacks To Craft Customer-Centric Content

Before checking out the hacks to craft wonderful Customer-Centric Content you should be aware of the main characteristics of these content. These characteristics will give a better preview that which hack you should adopt in prior and why you are using this.
  • It depends on the data collected from the customers.
  • It provides value to readers.
  • It is customized to certain preferences of the customers.
  • Its aim is to achieve brand customer-centric.

1. Research, Study And Clarify

First and foremost, you have to concentrate on the data collection and have to conduct various research to collect exact and appropriate data. All you have to do is to keep an eye on few queries such as: 
  • Is there a daily collection of statistics for key social platforms?
  • Are lead generation forms is providing the real needs of customers or ending in spam?
  • What are the points your customers are getting hung up?
Nobody is going to believe you unless you’ll start making sense and sense in writing comes from facts and statistics. So, conduct a research carefully study the results and get a clarified view of the situation before delivering any content to your target audience.

2. Go For Right Words

It has been found that in one restaurant, was able to increase their tips by 70% by continuously repeating the verbalizations of their customers back to them exactly.

Well! It seems little silly, but it really works. Before starting the writing process, sit back, relax, and think For whom are you going to write for? And Why will they read your content?

Always give a specific purpose to your content and give a reason for your customers to read this.

But how to do that?

Your selection of words can help you with this. Try to use the common words which your customers are using to describe their problems. Answering them in their own words will make them feel that their queries are getting into consideration. Then use some specific words to give rise to your sales and marketing pitch.

3. Stop Telling And Start Teaching

Everybody has his own view and trust me no matter how much you’re going to shout, people will go as per their preference and their necessity. So, if you’re giving a sales pitch to your content. I would suggest you to immediately stop doing that.

Write to teach.

Yes! Show them what benefits they are going to enjoy. How your products/services can help them more than other products/services. Give the latest information. Sometimes people reading your content might have come to gain some knowledge and not for buying purposes. By giving a continuous flow of knowledge you can generate leads of such knowledge seekers.

4. Leverage Social Media

Talking about contents we should not forget about the best companion of it- Social Media. It’s not necessary that by the content you have to start working on your blogs but you can also concentrate on your Social Media content.
  • Search for the perfect Social Channels for your business where you can find your target audience.
  • Engage them with your content.
That’s all you have to do.

Give your content a QA form (Question/Answer) and make your content more humanly and a two-way conversation between you and your customers. If you’re in a B2B business, you can go for social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

5. Host An Online Webinar

If you want to understand the deep thinking about your customers an online webinar is a way to help you out in this. It not only creates a two-way conversation, but acts as a feedback platform at the same time. It’s a perfect way to give information to customers along with receiving feedback.

This is the easiest way to attract your customers to share their views as they are made to solve the issues of the customers.

So, you can create online webinars and can go deep into the thinking of your target audience. It can provide your marketing team with specific sources of customer-centric topics and enables you to focus on customer’s needs and wants. It can help your customers by finding solutions to their problems that too not in a pushy way.


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