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Before we proceed, let us imagine a situation-
You are presenting a speech in a room full of people at an event. According to you, it is the best presentation you have ever made. You filled the content with creative ideas, fun facts, and crucial information. But, what if, no one is listening to you?
Now imagine,
You have created the best content to post on your social media platforms. It is the best content you have ever created. But, no one is reading it or commenting on it. There are no clicks on the link you provided for readers to grab a look.
In the content marketing world, we call it “engagement”, and when it comes to social media marketing, the goal is to boost your engagement as much as possible on every content you publish. Technooyster Pvt. Ltd is a well-renowned SEO service provider in Pune. We have got what you exactly need to hear to boost your click-through rates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Rule#1: Standardize your social media profiles
people who come in contact with your brand, product, or services, check your social media profiles to know how your business appears on search results. How to standardize your profile?
• Make sure you choose the right image that describes your business persona
• Make it understandable for your customers or people who see it. Keep it simple yet engaging.
• Do not forget to mention the keywords for your products and services
• Mention your details and information completely
• Post actively. Facebook posts need to be published at least once every day while for the other platforms, posting multiple times a day can be more productive.

Rule#2: Create the right content
Evergreen content can have a widely varied lifespan. Get an insight into who your audiences are, what speaks to them, and how do they consume the content. If your audience consumes more content on mobile devices, create a mobile-friendly content with the easy-sharing facility. You can also audit a competitor’s profile and look for the content that is working best for them. Visit our SEO agency to know more about how to boost engagement on your posts.
Rule#3: Use relevant images and videos
Visually appealing content is crucial to stand out of the crowd. According to the reports, 60% of digital marketing firms, including our search engine optimization company in Pune believes the visual content plays an integral part in creating social media strategy. How to promote your products and services through videos and images:
• Start with adding a weekly tip on your social media page to engage old and new followers
• create videos that fit into all your social media pages, including Facebook, and Instagram stories
• do not forget to add captions and subtitles on your video, as many viewers watch videos with sound off. Also, there might be potential customers with hearing impairment. Know your customers well.
Rule#4: Creating Memes and GIFs is the new trend
Simply adding images on your social media pages is not sufficient to get outstanding content engagement. While publishing a content, use memes and GIFs to add a fun spin to a simple post.
Our SEO company in Pune suggests to add Funny and relatable memes on your pages as they are irresistible to viewers to scroll past. Similarly, adding GIFs on your Facebook and Twitter posts will add more fun and help people understand your brand even better.
Rule#5: Create a social media contest
It always works! Organizing a social media contest will bring your followers together and create more engagement. To boost your organic reach, run a simple contest that encourages your followers to interact with each other on your post. How to create an engaging social media contest:
• Make sure the content is effective.
• Choose a prize or giveaway related to your brand
• Design the contest in a way that people interact more via the comment section
• Avoid asking your customers to post the contest on their timeline as this will make your content look like an engagement bait.
Being a leading SEO service provider in Pune, we know the secret to organic social media reach. Connect with us to expand your business reach on various social media platforms. We can help you improve your organic social media strategy to get recognized globally.

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