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5 Effective Ways to Repurpose your Blog for Boosting Traffic

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Spin-offs, sequels and adaptations have worked superbly for several popular TV shows and movies. Can we forget how the popular series of FRIENDS or Sara Bhai versus Sara bhai created the magic and spellbound the audience with its appeal.
You can apply the same concept for promoting your existing content. In each of the above TV shows, the maker retained the USPs of the previous series and at the same time added new twists to offer something different yet interesting to the audience that they loved so much.
We are a digital marketing company in India that believes smart marketing is the real marketing. There is no dearth of smart ideas when it comes to marketing strategies, you just need to tweak your brain a bit for creative instincts.
Just as TV executives found success by creating spin offs of their popular shows, you too can push your website ranking high by repurposing your content.

# Try Infographics

Reading is something that not everybody enjoys. It’s a vital point to remember when repurposing your content for digital audience. You have plenty of visual and audio methods to refurbish your old content. Infographics when done right can give a tremendous boost to your website traffic. They are a great way to illustrate or visualize key points from your blog posts. They tend to be shared more than blog posts due their visual appeal. According to hubpost, ‘information-carrying images’ get three times as many social media likes and shares as other content. What can be a better way to show the effectiveness of infographics than by infographic itself.
content marketing strategy 1-try infographics

#Create Videos

According to several digital marketing reports one-third of online activity is spent watching videos. It goes without saying that when you repurpose your content into video for YouTube or other visual media it will drive more traffic to your site. You don’t have to dive deep into the stats and details of the content as you did while framing your original content. All you need to do is pick a few interesting highlights of your content, turn on your camera and shoot an engaging video. Animated infographic is also an excellent option to remarket your existing content
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#Get Social

Do I need to emphasize that social media is the right platform to promote your content? The only difference here is that you will be using your renewed content to target the audience. Just roll up your sleeves to post your exciting facts and highlights on different promotional platforms. Pick the highlights of your post or an animated infographic for promotional tweets. Use Instagram, Facebook etc. to make your post go viral. Quora is another medium where you can provide information from your blog and leave a reference link. The visitors will recognize your site as source of meaningful information and may come back again. Experts of social media services vouch for these social platforms for scaling up your traffic.
content marketing strategy 3-get social

#Explore Slideshows

Slideshows are also an interesting visual medium to represent your repurposed content. Slideshare is one of the best platforms to share your slides and get your message across the targeted audience. A product of LinkedIn, it is one of the highly visited sites across the digital space. With nearly 7million visitors on slideshare, you tend to gain good traffic inflow if you post an engaging and appealing slide deck. Thankfully you have ample of applications like Apple Keynote, PowerPoint and Google Slides to create your slide share. Explore your content stack to find that most worthy content and get going.
content marketing strategy 4-Explore Slideshows

#Create E-book

Let’s keep expectations real! It is quite possible that not all of your blog repurposing efforts may succeed or offer you the level of success that you received with your first published post. But, if you skillfully rework on your junked old blog content and make it more engaging and interesting, you definitely earn an opportunity to attract new audiences and get more out of the old content than what you thought of.
content marketing strategy 5-Creaing-E-BOOK
Offering reruns of old series and movies, Netflix today is celebrating the classics and is winning hearts. You too can try the same trick with your blog posts and witness increased turnover. Even the top content marketing companies like IKF believes in the potential of repurposing content. Just brace up to get more eyeballs to your content output by simply repurposing your content and giving it a marketing spin.

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