Tuesday, 5 November 2019

5 Creative Ways to Engage with Your Social Media Followers

Social media has turned into one of a kind colossal asset to the world, and its notable mention can be attributed to all kinds of businesses. Businesses from all over the world are using social media to deploy their best market practices in the world.
Most of the businesses give credit to social media platforms for being a huge success among the customers and establishing a good rapport in the market.  But in the process of excelling in social media marketing, businesses need to reach out to their audience so that they actually connect with them.
In other words, every business would love to see their audience specifically called followers liking their posts or commenting on it.
As fascinating as it sounds, it is equally difficult to engage followers on the social upfront.  There is more than a little effort that you need to put in order to keep your audience engaged to your brand.
You need to be patient, have a great deal of understanding of the market and be able to produce content that is relevant to your brand as well as the audience.
So, if you are a single media manager for your brand or have run out of ideas to keep your followers engaged to your business, here are a few creative ways to engage with your social media followers, which will show you astonishing results:

1. Ask a question

In order to get responses from your audience asking questions through your social media is the best practice that you can adopt. Questions not only trigger answers but also keep your followers engaged with your social media posts.
For example, you can ask your audience about their customer service experience with your brand, have they tried any of the tips in the blog post before or you can ask them any question to pick up ideas for your product advertisement from it.
Even if you’re saying thank you to your customer, you can ask them questions surrounding it.
For example, if a customer thanks you for their purchase of books from your store, you can ask them which one was their favourite or why did they like it the most? This way you are accomplishing two of your tasks - Imparting a sense of care for your customer by asking their opinion about something and sustaining the core task of engaging your followers.

2. Make yourself sound realistic with emojis

And yes by this I am referring to the use of emoticons in your message with your followers. The more people are using social media, the more they are accustomed to seeing emoticons all around.
So when a customer asks you something or you post something on social media, use emoticons to sound more real. This not only helps you keep your brand lively but also turns out as an efficient way to convey your tone and message. Since messages are much to an extent expressionless in the typed format, emoticons help them revive and show establish a little friendliness with everyone.
So, instead of writing that you’re feeling happy about something, post a ‘☺’ emotion. This will let your followers know that you’re feeling happy by writing about it.

3. Take out time for GIFs

There is no denying the fact that GIFs are taking the social media world by storm. So, why not put them to use in your comments? Your followers will get to know that you are equally social savvy as them and appreciate it sportingly.
GIF in social media post
Since both Windows and Macintosh have shortcuts for emoticons and GIFs, you can easily access them from the medium that you’re using for social media marketing.

4. Video content

People tend to get more engaged by watching videos than by writing about them. After all, it’s called social media for a reason, since you can put all kinds of media to use in order to get more social with your audience or followers.
Consider, for example, you have a new announcement to make. Instead of writing about it, go live on social media. Remember the notification that Facebook send out when someone that you follow goes live?
Since social media already created much anticipation and excitement about videos, why not take advantage of it as a marketer? Many successful marketers have also tried responding to their customer’s query by leaving a video message.
And guess what?
It works tremendously well and was much appreciated by their users. Not only does it sound creative but also feels more personal. In this cut-throat market competition where each company wants to travel an extra mile in order to get noticed, you can be creative and catch the customer’s eye instantly.
It might take you a couple of seconds extra to record a video message, but it is definitely going to be worth the investment when talking about customer engagement.
Apart from that video can help you by making solutions easy for your audience. You can post tutorials or ‘How to’ videos that will focus on the betterment of the lives of your customer.
Consider, for example, you have an online garment store and want your followers to have a look at your new collection of scarves. One way is to post a single-handed message or create a campaign around it. Though it would have an impact if created nicely, chances are that you are doing what everybody else is in the market.  
The creative way to keep your audience engaged would be to post a tutorial on different ways to drape a scarf. Doesn’t it sound more aggrandizing?

5. Tagging relevant people

You don’t shy away from tagging your friends on social media posts. Then why leave your customers behind in this race? If your post revolves around certain notable customer experiences, you can actually tag those people and make them feel remembered.
This is a great way to increase customer engagement for your brand on the social upfront. Your followers will not only feel special but also help you stand out with this unusual gesture. But make sure that you tag your followers in posts that are relevant to them.
Engaging your followers is not as easy as it may seem. The most important contributing factor to this cause is the type of content that you post on your brand’s social media accounts.
Post whenever required and not try to spam your customer’s walls by unnecessary piece of content. These engagement practices are not just creative but also keep you distinguished from other commoners in the market.


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