Friday, 8 November 2019


A well-drafted web address plays a major role in visitors’ perspective of the specified destination. What if you have an address with missing key elements or unproportionate content? Your website will probably not have many visitors, it’s that simple. In the same way that search engines try to show you the most appropriate results for your query, a URL with appropriate information will reflect the same priority. Try to make the URL as concise and short as possible, whilst including the target keywords for the content on the page. This will help attract new and more interested visitors to your page and generate organic growth in website traffic.
2) Fresh, Vibrant, and Value-Adding Content
Fresh and unique ideas in any field always gain traction and are valued by readers. The same works online too. Search engines promote unique content and try to filter out duplicate and outdated content. Therefore, the more fresh and unique your content is, the higher your website will rank in search results. Fresh content can include articles, blogs, images, reviews, etc. To attract, engage, and increase visitors, improve your static and outdated comment and do it regularly!
3) Quality Backlinks
The most fundamental part of SEO is having backlinks to your website. Backlinks are nothing but another path which a user can click and follow to land on your specified landing page. In the old days, quantity mattered and the more backlinks your page had the higher ranking it got on search engines. Today, however, quality prevails over quantity. The quality of a backlink directly relates to the domain score and quality score of the website, therefore the higher the quality of the website the higher the quality of your backlink. Aim to get backlinks from high quality and reputed websites instead of lots and lots of low-medium quality backlinks and shoot up the rankings on search engines.
4) Page Loading Time
In today’s world, nobody likes to wait. In order to stay relevant and maintain the competitive edge, your website too must match the speed of the generation. Slow loading times of websites have a direct impact on visitors’ willingness to visit and/or revisit your website. Search engines also keep a track of loading times and lower the loading time, lower your rankings as loading time is an important constituent of the visitor experience. Some of the best ways to drastically reduce loading time are: decreasing unnecessarily large image sizes, removing unwanted java scripts, using a faster hosting provider, etc.
5) Webmaster Tools
A common misconception is that the webmaster is just a tool to get unnecessary information about the website and therefore chose not to link their websites to the webmaster tool. However, for a long-run SEO strategy, webmaster tools are key. They are capable of generating insightful reports like crawl errors, search queries, indexing, internal links, backlinks, etc. And most importantly, the webmaster does this for free. These reports play an important role for anyone who is serious about solidifying their websites’ position as a leader on the Internet.
If you’re willing and want to outrank your competition and be a leader on the search engines, then act on these 5 tips immediately!

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