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5 Annoying Web Design Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now!

The proverb, "to err is human" is quite comforting. After all, we're only just humans and that making mistakes is something that is intrinsic to our species. But in the world of website design, making a mistake can come at a price. An amateurishly designed website can confuse your visitors, at best and prevent customers from converting, at worst.
No business should have to pay this big a price. So, what does one do? First - hire a top website design company in Pune because you don't just want a good-looking storefront but also a sales magnet. And what's the second step, familiarize yourself with these following common design mistakes so that you know how they affect the performance, effectiveness, and overall appeal of your website -

Mistake #1: Carousels with content overload

Have you been on those websites where the home page has these auto-rotating, text-heavy carousels? Plain annoying, isn't it? There's no point in having a carousel if your users cannot view peacefully what the images are saying.
While we agree that we live in a fast-paced world and having a carousel that flashes quickly with the necessary details would seem like a good idea. But remember your audiences are humans and not some extraterrestrials flying at supersonic speeds. They need TIME to read and understand. Your carousel shouldn't auto-rotate but give the user the option to move forward after they are done reading one panel.
Moreover, a rapidly moving carousel might come across as an ad, which is definitely not encouraging your users to stay on them.
Mistake #1: Carousels with content overload

Mistake #2: Not following standard rules of typography

We all have design preferences. We have someone in our team who is particularly fond of the Jokerman font, which honestly, looks like it was designed specifically for the scary clown movie. The point we are trying to make here is that while choosing a font, more than anything else, you need to see how readable it is.
Mistake #2: Not following standard rules of typography
Likewise, you also need to see if the kerning, leading, and tracking of your typography is in place. For the uninitiated - kerning is the space between two characters; leading is the space between the lines of the paragraphs and tracking refers to the overall spacing between the words. An expert designer will make these fine space adjustments to make your font look clear and comprehensible.
Mistake #3: Injudicious use of white space

Mistake #3: Injudicious use of white space

White space or negative space is sacred in design. It's basically awesomeness in nothingness. But there's a meaning behind the nothingness. White space is used for a number of reasons - to give structure to your content, to throw the essential piece of text/feature/graphical element into sharp relief, to improve comprehension, etc.
But every good thing must be used judiciously. Use too little white space and invite visual chaos (remember those websites from the 90s with tons of text and no breathing space?). Use too much of it and lose the plot. Always, refer to the Goldilocks rule - not too much, not too less, just right.

Mistake #4: Unresponsive website

Biggest put off. Not only for your visitors but also for Google. Responsive is that important something that makes viewing content (textual, graphics, and video) seamlessly on mobile phones, tabs, desktops without having to zoom in or move horizontally. It basically makes life easier. But there are still many who don't realize the importance of responsive design. That’s sad.
Sad because a) they are depriving themselves of traffic and thus conversions and b) they are depriving their visitors of effortless user experience. Every device has its own dimension which is why having a responsive design has become a norm that’s followed by all website design companies in Pune as it can adapt itself seamlessly without compromising the experience.
Mistake #4: Unresponsive website

Mistake #5: Using irrelevant stock images

As a web designing company, we totally understand the quagmire of images. It is crucial to have images on your website that go with your brand aesthetic and message. Cliched stock images don’t just cramp your website’s style but also reflect badly on your credibility. It only makes sense to get rid of them and use authentic pictures of real people from your company. If that’s not possible, look for candid photos that convey a certain level of realism.
Using irrelevant stock images

So that's it, folks. Stick to these basic tenets for 2019 and pave the way for a successful year!

If you are looking for a web design company in Pune that will guide you from one step of your web designing project to the next, we reckon our website craftspeople will be a perfect fit for you. Please feel free to call us +91 88888 66110 or email us at and we'll be more than happy to help.

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