Tuesday, 5 November 2019

5 Amazing Marketing Strategies for a Mobile App Startup

Mobile apps have surely made our lives easier. Everything that we need is a touch away. But out of the million apps on the app stores, we choose to download only a few.
So, if you are a business setting up a mobile app startup, it becomes essential that you focus on marketing of your app to achieve great numbers and desirable mobile success.
So, here are few amazing app marketing strategies by which you can market your app to your audience and achieve surprisingly good results:

1. Optimize as per the App’s market and publish regular updates

Marketing your mobile application is quite similar to your other marketing campaigns, even though you might feel that you are stepping into an entirely new territory.
Just like your regular campaigns, your goals for marketing your mobile app should be focussed, specific to the people that you want to target, measurable, realistic and so on.
However, the difference between your regular campaigns and app marketing campaigns lies in the ways to reach your ultimate goals.
App marketing strategies bring a bunch of new concepts to any business. The key performance indicators now focus on aspects such as app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, and app store optimization.
These are the key performance indicators specific to app marketing. Since these are often new to any business stepping into the app market, it is best advised to hire a team that dedicatedly solves all these issues for you.
All you need to take care of is that your app marketing goals must essentially coincide closely with other marketing goals of your business. This is an important step to keep your business balanced from the market’s point of view.
Regular updates for your mobile app are essentially important so that people are aware of it.  It is also crucial if you want a loyal customer base for your app. Word of mouth marketing is the best way to market your app because as much as your customers know about it, more are the chances that they will tell it to their friends or spread the word.

2. Provide the resources that the app needs

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is that they often undervalue the ideology of mobile marketing. They neglect its importance and dedicate only a small marketing budget to this process.
However, according to recent marketing statistics, 80% of consumers wish to receive location-based alerts on their mobile phones. This makes mobile marketing even more important focus point for mobile app marketers because it’s what consumers want.
Another market research conducted by the  Mobile Marketing Association on marketing effectiveness in mobile apps, it was found that businesses should be spending more, as much as 7-9% (depending on overall app involvement), of our marketing budgets on mobile.
So it is advised to plan your marketing budget likewise considering your marketing platforms in mind and also be able to maintain your app’s visibility in the social sphere.
Because without planning your marketing budget, you cannot give a head start to your strategy. At the same time your marketing plans should be engaging and user attracting, for these, your advertisements and promotions need to be ongoing on the channels that user utilize the most.
Image source: Apptentive

3. Focus on  your app’s experience for your users

Instead of marketing your mobile app directly, try to focus on advertising or marketing the experience that your app is willing to provide to its users. There are thousands of apps for almost everything, but what distinguishes yours from the others is the experience that the customers will get out of it.
What ultimately matters is how your app’s experience is superior to any other experience that the customers have previously had on their mobile phones.

According to a recent survey, 86% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they are not overwhelmed with confusing information.
Make sure you keep this in mind while you write a description for your app on the app store. Instead of writing every detail of your app try to utilize the saved time by mentioning how the app will change or simply the user’s life.

4. Socialize your mobile app everywhere

Another important factor to keep in mind is to make your mobile app visible to the people. This can be best accomplished by socializing your mobile app on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
These platforms are being widely used by the people these days, so making your app visible on these channels would make sure that you are being seen by a large number of people.
Apart from creating a Facebook page for your app, you can also use some of its paid advertising features that will help you boost your post. But there is nothing to worry about, as they cost you quite less and at the same time your reach to your audience increases considerably.
You can also use digital channels for lead generation. Search marketing turns out to be a great option when you are looking for leads. You may go for paid ads in search, organic or natural search with SEO or both, whatever suits your app marketing strategy the best.

5. Make your app desirable

Don’t just make an app to add your brand name to the play store. Make sure that you add that functionality to your app that the user really needs to have and can benefit from it. Users are bound to like your app if it has real utility for them.
An app created in haste or having indistinguishable features is something that no one would like to have on their phones. Especially when you are the owner of a small business, a great way to market your names into the hearts of customers is through a distinguishable experience that you can create with the help of your app.
All of these strategies can bring big earning for your app, These techniques not only bring big revenues for your apps but also help your name grow and achieve mobile success.
Since mobile is a critical component to the marketing mix and success of the companies, businesses need to dedicate time to build a user-friendly and engaging mobile app.

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