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5 Amazing Email Design Trends to Watch This Year

Emails are becoming more and more popular with each passing day, as all businesses are eagerly adopting the ongoing trends of email marketing for their business.
But the customer’s inbox gets flooded with numerous emails almost every day. So when customers open your email, why would they not hit unsubscribe?
The answer is simple. If your content stands out from other competitors and you have a distinguished design, then your email is bound to catch the customer’s attention.
Design forms an important part of an email.
According to the market statistics, email marketing has seen a quasi-change in its style in the past 5 years.
Marketers know that email has been one of the best sources of increased ROI, and started to see even more returns when advancements in traditional designs of the email were made.
Most of the emails in 2016 were seen focussing strongly on visual aspects.
For example, GIFs, email with minimal contents and unconventional email designs were one of the most popular trends.
email prediction 2017
Image source: Emailmonday
Those days are far gone when email used to just consist of simple text. In the past few years, we have seen email evolve in a wide number of ways.
This is the era where brands compete with each other by sending visually stimulating and pleasant emails to their valuable customers.
This generates the requirement for the businesses to know about the ongoing market trends of email design so that they remain up to date and modify their strategy to provide the best visual experience to the customer.
People these days are preferring and getting more used to emails that have maximum information presented in less content. This year continues to fulfill this crucial requirement of the customer with its basic minimalistic email design trends.
This year focuses mainly on the interactivity of emails through elements like menus, forms search etc that basically supports the purpose of making an email more visually exciting.
GIFs that we know today, became an excessively popular part of email design in 2016 and started a rage among the customers because everyone seemed to like it.
This year’s email designs trends also have added effects to GIFs like keyframe animations and live backgrounds.
So, in order to stay updated, here is all you need to know about the creative email trends of this year.

1. Interactive emails

The interactivity in the emails pulls a major part of an interactive design that is already present on your landing page.
email marketing trends 2017
The underlying reason for adding interactivity to your email is to maximize the customer’s attention towards your brand and remove any engagement barriers. Interactive designs promote high click rate on your emails.

2. Minimalistic design

This point is a perfect example to fulfill the customer’s choice of more information with the help of less content. The minimalistic design revolves around wooing the customers in the minimum time of their attention.
This is important because it is essential to draw the subscriber’s attention towards your email in a minimum time as soon as the email is opened.
Consider the example given by Ann Taylor minimalistic design email catches the customer’s eye instantly without the use of too many words
Ann Taylor email

3. Out of the box designs

This year is also expected to see some unconventional and out of the box email designs. Businesses often forget that when they keep on sending emails to their subscribers, they become easily predictable.
The customers thus have expectations from you and you might have been fulfilling it by sending the conventional email. However, anything that is not expected brings delight. It is important to go ahead and take a big step towards a change.
Your subscribers are bound to be surprised and delighted if you send them emails with an unexpected and unconventional design.
Consider the email design by ‘Chubbies’ that adopted an iOS conversation between two marketers.
chubbies email design
Jackie Roberts, Evanto said:
“Gone are the days when your most important content had to be included ‘above the fold’ to maximize engagement. With a majority of recipients now opening emails on mobile and increased client support, scroll will be embraced and drive use of innovative, interactive elements like parallax.”

4. Cinemagraph

Various businesses are striving hard to provide a cinemagraph experience to their customers through emails. Cinemagraph basically refers to providing a cinematic effect to the GIFs.
This creates an illusion in front of the customer and they believe that they are watching a video that is running in a loop or in other words the customers perceive the GIF as a looped video.
Consider the example of emails by Netflix. iOS replaying videos also bring back this trend. Embedded video in the emails was introduced way back in 2009 and instantly became a rage among Apple users.
But Apple dropped support for an embedded video suddenly. iOS 10 however, brings back this feature along with a rage for embedded videos in emails.
netflix email

5. Dynamic content

Email design trends seem to change every year, the basic elements of email like personalization are never forgotten. One wrong move in an email will make you lose many of your precious subscribers.
This is the reason businesses are offering a dynamic block in the emails that shall change as per the defined customer persona. Customized content will enable the users to cater to the customers need in the best possible way.
dynamic content in email
Image Source: EmailMonks

The changing trends in the email designs are sought to bring about improvement in the strategies that businesses readily adapt to grab their customer’s attention.
But there is no point serving a delicious dish in a prison plate. It is the similar way with the emails. Attractive, stimulating and interactive emails are easiest to understand. And the customers simply love them.

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