Thursday, 7 November 2019


To participate in the race, one must master a unique talent, especially in the healthcare industry. People are no more ignorant about their health conditions. All thanks to the digital world around us. A potential patient will first check your Hospital’s website before booking an appointment. A smart patient shall look for your social media pages, news articles, doctor’s bio, and blogs to know if they can rely on your treatments and services.
In this blog, we will discuss some of the budget-friendly marketing strategies to fill the gap between your healthcare services and patients in need of those services.
As mentioned above, a potential patient will always check your Hospital/clinic website before booking an appointment. Make sure your website contains Engaging content, loads quickly, has informative blogs, and provide live chatbots.
Although this is just the beginning, the first step of establishing your digital presence is achieved partially. An SEO specialist hired from the best SEO company in Pune will invest his timein creating the most influential SEO strategy that helps your website get recognition on digital platform and boost your SEO ranking.
Social media marketing plays a crucial factor in the making of great marketing strategies. It helps you share new healthcare products or treatments to a large number of the patient base. A large number of audience is searching for healthcare services that you provide. Many such potential patients might be in your local region itself. A robust social media marketing will make you visible in their social media pages; thus, establishing a robust network.
However, not all social media pages are ideal for every healthcare service. For example, Instagram can be great for a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, but it is a big NO for Urology marketing practices. Contact our digital marketing company in Pune to know the best marketing strategies according to your healthcare services.
Contents in the form of blogs, press releases, articles, and website content create a massive impact on your overall website traffic and bring brand awareness. You can share your surgical experiences, patient cases, a new treatment approach, or exceptional achievements through the medium of blogs.
Your patients want to hear from you regarding the treatment success rate, treatment approaches, and rehabilitation programme to remain assured that their lives are in safe hands. This assurity can only be achieved when you write to your patients regarding the information they are looking over the internet. The more you emphasize what your patients need, the more time your patients will come back to resolve their health issues.
Reports suggest that 81% of patients trust video advertisements to buy a new product or consider a new advanced treatment. A video describing the treatment benefits, risks, rehabilitation program, and cost creates a significant impact on your website ranking and social media pages. Patient’s video testimonials, doctor’s case study, surgical experience, and a brief introduction of a new product/services in the form of a video is crucial for creating robust digital marketing.
Above all, make sure your website content is refurbished once in every six months. Gather as many patient reviews as possible. Google prefers websites that keep streaming positive reviews. It indicates your website has an active page. Hire the best digital marketing company in Pune and discuss your healthcare marketing plans in person. Technooyster Pvt Ltd. has been helping the healthcare industry grow for decades. Our knowledge of advanced SEO practices, marketing strategies, and skilled professionals help create your hospital/clinic a well-renowned brand name.

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