Thursday, 7 November 2019


 It is fair to say that the market or the consumer share of almost all the existing messaging applications dropped after the messaging giant Whatsapp entered the fray. Not only did Whatsapp take the messaging market by storm worldwide, but it also transformed the market in the Indian sub-continent. Primarily driven by the dropping rates of mobile data plans and the advent of affordable smartphones, Whatsapp was an instant hit amongst the consumers. Gone were the day’s individuals were communicating with each other via Short Messaging Service (SMS) as the Whatsapp fever grew.
Although it started off as one a messaging application, in the current scenario, Whatsapp offers much more. Ever since Facebook set its eyes on Whatsapp and bought the company in February 2014, it started injecting a series of changes. One of the most recent additions is the introduction of Whatsapp Business by enabling users to create a business profile and additional messaging tools for those profiles. Whatsapp for business was first introduced launched in limited markets including Mexico, Italy, the U.K, the U.S., and Indonesia. The worldwide rollout followed soon.
In the world where rapid innovations and seamless progress is the key to success, Whatsapp for business has emerged as one of the most effective channels for businesses to increased customer engagement, enhance the customer experience of their brand, and also increase their brand presence.
Let’s take a closer look at the various benefits of Whatsapp Business and what it has in store for business owners.


The existing tools or applications for internal communication are something, not every employee may feel comfortable using as it could be a tricky affair. However, as every person is aware of how Whatsapp functions, businesses can now use Whatsapp Business to enhance internal team communication. Individual departments can use the app to share crucial data with ease by creating teams.


It is true that attending follow-up calls from various sales executives of different companies can be frustrating. Hence, with Whatsapp Business, you can drop in a message to your customers and expect a reply for the same. Apart from establishing an informal communication channel, it also sends out an indirect message to your clients that you are thinking about them. In a nutshell, Whatsapp for Business is an effective app to increase customer engagement.


Since Whatsapp has a wide range of customer base, it is turning out to be an excellent alternative for customer support. It is time for customers to move on from dialing a toll-free number, listening to an automated message, pressing a set of numbers on the dial pad, waiting for the call to actually reach the right customer support executive, and then explain your problem to them. Clearly, it is a long and a tedious process which is exactly why Whatsapp Business is an excellent platform for customer support as customers can now just send in a text to raise an issue. Whatsapp Business can certainly make a huge impact on customer services in the present as well as in the future.


The launch of a new product or a service is very crucial for any business. However, spreading the word around is highly important to create awareness. Whatsapp for Business now offers you an opportunity to directly communicate with your customers to announce a new product or a service.
Customer service holds the key for any business in the competitive business scenario we are in today. Hence, it is vital to stay abreast with the latest trends in the industry and Whatsapp Business has definitely emerged as an excellent choice for business owners. It is important to assess your business model to determine whether or not Whatsapp Business is an ideal fit. If the answer is yes, do not sit back and get it today!

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