Monday, 4 November 2019

4 Cloud Based Services To Make Your Business Powerful

Consistent marketing can give your company a recognition. You can reach your audience with an effective marketing plan, and it is easy to your customers to find your company or services. Organizations must consider voice services in their marketing strategy.
Voice branding can make a more visible image for your business or company. For businesses, websites can help to get found online but a phone call converts a caller (Lead) into a customer (Sale). With voice services, customers can easily reach to you & you can answer their queries. So you can improve customer satisfaction. With cloud based voice branding, you can provide customer service from anywhere.
Some cloud based phone services are mentioned below, which can help to build your business more powerful.

1. Toll-Free Number

Toll free numbers are numbers which allow customers to contact subscribers at no cost. Subscribers provided a toll free number to customers for communication use. Customers don’t have to pay for the call. It helps you in promoting business or meet your business goals. With this number, customers can able to make a call to you & ask their queries.
A business tollfree number puts you a step ahead of your competitors & can make more credible image for your business. You can put your number on business cards, banners & website, so people could call you. A toll free number encourage people to buy your product. Thus, this tool can increase your ROI, customer response rate & company presence. To know more about tollfree, see these articles.

2. Missed Call service

Missed call alert service is an automated web based application to reach customers instantly. With easy to use missed call service, you will get real time notification of all your calls on your cell phone or land-line number. Every call is important for your business, but with this service your business never miss a single call. To know more about missed call service, see this article.

3. Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a way to deliver pre-recorded message or voice message to thousands of targeted audience at a time. It is a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers and increase their loyalty by delivering information they care about. Voice Broadcasting is a cost effective way to promote your service or product.
More personal than email and more flexible than direct mail, voice broadcasting offers a unique way in minimum investment. Interactive voice broadcasting gives an opportunity to create a next generation call center.
Where it can be use:
  • Appointment reminder and confirmation
  • Product promotions and discounts
  • Alerts and notification
  • Event promotion and wedding invitations
  • Fund-raising over the phone with interactive voice notification
  • Regular follow up
  • Phone surveys to know customer feedback
  • Delivery confirmation

4. IVR System

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, which is an automated telephony technology which allows humans to interact with computers. IVR system service can read a combination of touch tone & voice telephone input, and provides relevant information. It is a great way to improve your business & customer satisfaction.
Where it can be used:
  • Phone surveys and polls
  • Office call routing
  • Check bank account balance & transactions
  • Call center forwarding
  • Checking movie & venue schedule
  • Order status
  • Appointment reminders
So, you should adopt these cloud based services to beat the competition and become a pro in your industry.
If you have more interesting approaches which can help a business, please share with us in comment box below!

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