Friday, 1 November 2019

3 Types Of Different Website Content Providers

When you break it down, website content providers generally tend to fall into one of three buckets:
  • The Agencies who specialize in creating content of all types
  • The Writer Marketplaces with writers of all skill and expertise levels
  • The Freelancers who are available on demand

Type 1: The Agency

This isn't your run-of-the-mill freelancer working in a swanky home office to create your website content. No, these are normally offices full of creative people, or even a small group, that are working normal business hours and have many different clients, covering all types of industries. This is the agency and they will normally cost you a pretty penny to create website content, but it is well worth the bigger budget in terms of quality.
Website content providers working as agencies tend to be some of the most popular ways for businesses to acquire great content as there are countless agencies out there, all of them with their own set of niche skills and experience.
There are tons of content agencies out there. Here's a great list of agencies compiled by Curata. Make sure you vet the agency in detail before you jump into bed with them. And remember, if things aren't working out a few months into the relationship, there are other options out there.

Type 2: The Writer Marketplace

Yet another vastly popular way to find website content providers is the self-serve job board, which might be as big or even bigger than the first two types of providers. These sort of websites allow you to sign-up and much like a self-serve online advertising platform, let you outline what kind of content you're looking for and then list the request to all sorts of independent contractors for them to bid on or write the content for you from a public job board.
This is an effective solution for businesses who are on a budget. But, you need to be careful because the quality between different writers on the site can differ drastically. Regardless, there are lots of high-quality writers that can be found on such job board sites.
We wrote an article on 10 of the best places to find and hire great content writers, where we profile websites like Zerys, Writers Access, and Scripted. 

Type 3: The Freelancer

When you're on the hunt to find a way to have your website content made for you, then it's inevitable that you will stumble across the websites and profiles of freelancers who normally work from home or a designated office that isn't tied to an agency. Freelancers account for a majority of the creative workforce in the United States, so most businesses will outsource their marketing to such people.
If you have a moderate to a smaller budget and would like a more personal, one-to-one level of content creation, then the freelancer will more than likely be the best type for you to work with. However, you also have to be careful with freelancers who might be new to the industry and aren't yet professional enough to handle deadlines and content requests, or who may be unfamiliar with your industry.
There you go, three options for you to have the best content yet for your website. There's no reason to skip out on great content, especially when you already have so many ways to get that content in this day and age.

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