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3 Solid Reasons to Start Using Application Hosting

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Devising smart and effective strategies for Google AdWords is the first step in being a high performer for your paid search success.
A winning ad campaign is one that is:
  • Detailed and methodically researched
  • Monetary investment
  • Clear strategy
  • Strong business goals
For the ad campaigns to work effectively you must strategize smart methods to gain business profit. The top 4 ways to accentuate your Google AdWords are as under:

1. Plan, plan and plan!

It is very simple. When you plan a vacation, it is for a reason. You have certain goals to achieve, right? You want to tick mark a place from your impending bucket list. You want to taste the best ice-cream of the town. You want to go on a sky-diving experience with your BFF. Similarly, set your goals in advance before you open a Google AdWords account. They could be to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness or growing sales and increase conversions. Goals will help you analyze which performance metrics are most important to your ad campaign.

2. You should care about the Quality score

The moment you enter a search query on Google, a quality score is calculated. To show the most relevant ads for a search query Google uses the quality score to determine your ad positioning. You should always target for a 10/10 Quality Score. It ensures that you’re paying less for the clicks and will enhance the profitability of your campaign. But, there are some important factors that determine your Quality Score:
  • Ad Relevance
  • Relevant Landing Page
  • Loading Time
  • Geographic Performance
  • Historical Performance of the account
  • Historical-Domain Performance
  • CTR
If you ensure the above factors are in check, then no one can pull your card in PPC.

3. Researching & Fixing the right keywords

No doubt, keywords are key in the success of your online ad campaign. Deciding on the right keywords helps your online audience to fine search you within no time. In AdWords, advertisers bid on keywords instead of buying them. For this, the AdWords keyword tool can come handy for you. AdWords will provide you a long list of all relevant keywords along with their traffic. Hence, you know you are bidding for the right keyword. However, you must know the factors that determine the worthy bid:
  • The keyword must match closely with the content of your landing pages.
  • Negative keywords will help streamline your ad campaign.
  • Avoid shortlisting high ranking or top keywords, they are either too expensive or have heavy competition.

4. Optimise the ad copy

Winning headline copies are like those glitzy mannequins that compel you to stop your window shopping business at once, make you picture yourself owning that coveted dress, coax your foot to cross the psychological threshold and make a buy! Firstly, kiss the K.I.S.S. approach – Keep It Sweet and Simple. The ad copy must be easier to read, more accessible, and more clickable. Don’t load the ad with jargons, buzzwords or acronyms just to fill in the character limit.

Your text ad must include the parts:

  • Headline: It should convey the message/product importance at a glance. Take e.g. Want to try Organic Eggs? Want to be a vegan? Ask interesting questions pertaining to your product. And while crafting always think from the perspective of your audience. Would you click the ad if you were in his/her place?
  • Body: This part should include details about your product and talk about why the customer should buy your product. It must always have a clear call to action for better results. The main description has a character limit so you need to fit all these important elements.
  • Display URL: Your website homepage URL can be linked with the ad so that the customers can be directed to the page
Mastering the Google AdWords is in your hands. The more you learn about it, the better for 
paid search success. IKF is a Google partner badge bearer, hence we are fully equipped for
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