Tuesday, 5 November 2019

3 Proofs Influencers Have Changed Marketing

Since few years something is happening what has never happened before that is the boom of Social Media. People are actually taking Social Media seriously!

With this sudden evolution of this vast digital world one more thing has changed in the corporate world - A Term that has twisted the brains of all the marketers-  “Digital Marketing”

Although Digital marketing is not a name of a single technique and is a composition of anything and everything this is a booming market and grabbing people online. One of such way is doing marketing with the help of influencers.

What is Influencer Marketing?

With the decline of TV ads and radio, the most effective advertising channel that can be seen in today’s world is marketing done by the Influencers. It’s a way of presenting your product through the link of some people who are popular and getting followed by your target market.

Influencers are people with significant followers and have a strong influence on a specific segment. They can be bloggers, experts, authors, celebrities or anyone with a strong social networking roots.

How Are They Helpful?
  • They are helpful for both the business and the customers as they provide Knowledge about their segments and their recommended products.
  • They make their followers confident about the product.
  • They serve as a symbol of loyalty and trust for those brands.

Let’s discuss that how Influencer marketing has covered the market and let’s see some proofs that prove that influencers are now a changing face of marketing.

Proof I: Monkey Theory

The first proof that influencers have changed marketing can be defined well by the monkey theory. There’s no doubt that our ancestors were monkeys. And there is no shame in accepting that we still behave like monkeys.

When you go and will do an activity in front of a monkey, he will immediately start following you. The same tendency of seeing and following is something that’s still now present in humans.

Have you ever purchased anything because you have seen your favorite personality using the same product?

It’s okay, we all have done that. So, you can shout yes!

Let me tell you that about 40% of Twitter users say that they’ve made a purchase because of a Tweet from an influencer.

Influencers are not only boosting market through their tweets, but even their one review can make people run a product as 77% of customers read product reviews before they purchase a product online.

So, we see and follow. And if something is getting used by a person you admire or follow definitely it attracts you.  And you won’t take a second thought before buying such things.

Proof II: Builds Trust

The second proof that vigorously proves that influencers are changing the face of marketing is the trust building ability. People not only see and seeing and following influencers, but are also gaining trust for the product.

49% of people say that they relied on influencers and bought a product.

So, this is how it works…

Either they will follow you or they trust you blindly. If you have perfect influencers for your target market whom your customers have strong trust. You’re half done with your marketing idea.

82% of consumers say that they follow a recommendation made by an influencer while making a purchase.

Building trust for your brand is the major motto of any marketer because they give you a regular customer. Influencers can help you in building this trust among people and can make your business a brand.

Proof III: Increasing Sales

The third and the most convincing proof is, influencers can help you in driving your sales statistics up. It’s changing the whole way of collecting and generating sales.

It was a time when you used to manipulate and educate people to make them understand your product and then convince them to buy it. When people see a campaign featured both brand and influencer Tweets, the purchase becomes 5.2x.

So, in the present world, it’s more important than who is selling your product. If I’m calling a customer and trying to sell a product and at the same time your favorite celebrity or musician or a player will say to buy the same product. For sure it will make a difference.

So, these were 3 lively and solid proof that proves that Influencers have changed the way of marketing as it used to be.

Now, you’ve got the point that influencers are making Social Media a serious platform for marketers. You can’t simply avoid the power of social media if you’re working in your company’s marketing segment.

But which influencer can deliver a better message to your customer and whom should you contact for your business are some important questions that might be crossing your mind now.

So, here are some points that you should keep in your mind if you’re going to use this technique for your business.

1. Don’t run behind reach or rate. Go behind the performance of influencers

It doesn’t matter that how many followers your influencers have. Rather than counting the numbers of followers better you start checking the connectivity and audience of the influencers. Because it’s connectivity of the right audience which can help you to earn money, not a huge number of followers.

2. Have a sharp look at the audience of your influencers and then tally it with your target customers

If the audience of your influencers are not interested in your product and have no need of it, then it will be a time waste for your business.

3. In Spite of creating a temporary hike, tell your influencers to create an evergreen piece

Rather than creating a temporary slogan or piece of content, make your influencers work for some evergreen motto. At least it will help you in growing your brand if not a specific product.

So, these were some of the techniques that you should not neglect. As any marketing technique can hit a bull’s eye only if you’ll shoot the arrow with that specific aim.


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