Saturday, 23 November 2019

3 Kickass Ways To Generate More Sales From Facebook

We all know that today Facebook is one of the most used platforms for any brand’s marketing. Facebook cannot be left alone, as it is the mother of all social media platforms. Followed by Twitter, Instagram and so on!
So, since we are praising Facebook so much, let us also understand that Facebook can be really helpful in generating sales, yes, achieve your targets this month.
  1. Profile Picture
How do people identify a brand, through a logo, a tagline or its products? But when it comes to marketing, they are mostly identified by the logo. Hence do not forget that having the same profile picture on all the platforms on social media. If your brand is active on multiple channels, make sure that it is visible the same way as the rest.
For example, if you are following a Brand on Twitter and some day while browsing on Facebook, if you tend to search the same brand name, it will be much easier for them to identify with the same profile picture, isn’t it?
Understand that social media is free marketing and those who are liking your page or following you are with you because you hold some value in their minds. Hence, while creating content, images and the language think about your audience and curate content which you think they will like it, rather than your liking it! Hence, don’t confuse them because they can be your potential buyer.
  1. Be Active In Facebook Groups
Being a part of a Facebook group will help you gain more visibility for your brand. You surely might be a part of a group on Facebook but all that you must have done is liked the post or probably commented on it. That’s not what we are talking about here. We are looking for active interaction. If you do not post or ask or suggest, you will not hold that respect.
It is pretty simple, your advice someone or in a group and others are listening. Some day or the other they might stand up and ask for something. They might ask for your help is getting what they were searching for since a while. So understand that groups are not just to collect people but also to engage. Become a knowledge leader or an expert.
  1. Post Frequency
How frequently do you post on your page? How many posts in a week? Several, few, couple of, etc. whatever! Make a point to share at least 1 post every day. Your audience have liked your page and they want to see content from you. They want to learn more about you. If you run a restaurant and wish that you get more people talking about you, then create some really good content where they can engage. Generally, pun intended, funny, and witty content is what people love to interact on, you follow memes by the way?
These tips might seem to be very simple but trust me they do hold a lot of importance. Remember small things do make a difference, isn’t it?

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