Tuesday, 5 November 2019

29 Expert Tips For Creating Remarkable Email Marketing

That’s the number of business emails sent and received per user per day in 2017. (According to Radicati Group)
Email is the most direct, simple, and effective way to communicate with your prospects.
64% of consumers prefer email to communicate with companies.
As Gary Vaynerchuk said,
The best marketing strategy ever: CARE
Care of your customers and subscribers!
Email is the best channel to show your interest in your prospects and customers, which indicate that you care about them and they will more likely to work with you.
But if you want to get more out of it, you must create an effective email marketing strategy.
REMEMBER, it will only drive new leads and conversions if you’re doing it RIGHT.
Today’s buyer is smart. She doesn’t want any marketing or sales pitch in the email. If you want to win her, you must start an engaging and entertaining communication. Try to add some value in your message.
Email marketing is all about sending the right content to the right people at the right time.
Are you planning to create an email marketing campaign?
Looking for email marketing tips to step up your marketing game?
But don’t know where, and how to start.
Don’t panic!
Industry experts are here to help you. To make it easier, here’s an infographic.
In this Infographic by Sarv, 29 industry experts are sharing their tips and advice to help you understand more about email marketing.
And the best part - all tips are actionable.
You can implement these tips right now to create an effective and successful email marketing strategy.
Use the advice from the brightest minds and stay ahead of the email marketing curve.

1. Neil Patel, Entrepreneur & Influencer

“Only send out emails to people are opening them and put all of the people who aren't opening in re-engagement campaign to get them active.”

2. Hiten Shah, Co-Founder at Quick Sprout

“Take a look at your open rates and click rates based on day of week and time of day to understand what's happening.”

3. Larry Kim, Founder, WordStream

“Email engagement rates keep falling every year. Improve your engagement by uploading your emails into AdWords and Facebook.”

4. Gisela Hausmann, Email Evangelist, & Author

“Make every email personal. study techniques how to write best emails. Email is the best way to reach influencers.”

5. Sam Hurley, Digital Marketing Influencer

“Use clever marketing automation software to personalize your emails far beyond that of simply including the recipient’s name.”

6. Ryan Robinson, Content Marketing Consultant

“Stop using the word "subscriber" immediately and Substitute "subscriber" for "community member" to build meaningful connections with them.”

7. Jesper Isaksson, CEO & Founder, Me and You Marketing   

“The content you provide = value and benefits your reader. If your audience finds your emails valuable, you'll build trust and trust drives revenue.”

8. Steve Arnold, Founder, and CEO, MarketHub  

"If you want to see your message to the primary inbox of your audience, make sure you're only sending messages to people who are likely to engage with them.”

9. Eliza Bzdon, Content Designer, FreshMail  

“Remember that you can use relevant data from other systems to segment your list like from your CRM, e-commerce platform or Google Analytics.”

10. Mark Sean Elliott, DM Strategist, Sparks4Growth Ltd 

“Design the email so it is clear to read on mobile devices as well as desktops and most likely to pass spam filters (so plain text works better than HTML).”

11. Ryan Shelley, Founder & CEO, Shelley Media Arts LLC

“By segmenting your lists, you will not only see improve results but also show your contacts that you value them.”

12. Kath Pay, CEO & Founder, Holistic Email Marketing

“Ensure CTA asks customer to take the most appropriate action based on where they’re at within the buying journey.”

13. Phil Frost, Founder & COO, Main Street ROI 

“The secret to an effective email where subscribers actually look forward to your emails is to always provide value and show an authentic personality.”

14. Meera Kothand, Email Marketing Specialist

“A dedicated welcome email series will not only help you build a great first impression, but build trust as well.”

15. Ian Brodie, Marketing Thought Leader

“Write regularly and as frequently as you can. It'll improve your writing and your relationship with your audience.”

16. James Scherer, Content Editor, Wishpond

“Drip campaign is the most impactful email marketing strategy. Send emails related to their interests.”

17. Tamara Gielen, Email Marketing Consultant

“Understand the customer journey, buying cycle and the people on your list so you can send relevant and valuable messages.”

18. Joel Traugott, Sr. Inbound Marketing Professor, HubSpot Academy  

“It's a wonderful way to scale 1:1 conversations while growing a business' online presence.”

19. John McIntyre, CEO and Founder, ReEngager  

“Make sure you balance content with selling. All content and no selling - you've got no sales. All sales and no content - you've got no sales.”

20. Kristin Jones, PR Evangelist & CEO, JONES

“Use an opt-in strategy, send valuable offers & make it easy for recipients to share the offers they find useful.”

21. Nathan Ellering, Content Marketing Lead, CoSchedule

“Provide highly relevant, actionable, and valuable free content as a content upgrade in exchange for an email address.”

22. Chelsea Scholz, Campaign Strategist, Unbounce

“Each component of your email should have one job to do —avoid making every part of the email a sales pitch.”

23. Bria Sullivan, Content Developer, Constant Contact

“I believe that one of the most important strategies for email marketing is to in the overall plan.”

24. Juntae DeLane, Founder, Digital Branding Institute

"Personalized email marketing involves developing highly relevant content for all aspects of the buyer's’ journey.”

25. Carl Sednaoui, Director of Marketing, MailCharts

“Sending prospective customers cart abandonment emails can help you recover between 5% and 11% of otherwise lost sales.”

26. Uzzal Hossain, Social Media Marketer

“Always reply every single problem/Question of your lists member. Always talk about "single pain point".

27. Jenna Tiffany, Digital Marketing Expert

“Define what you want to achieve, how this benefits the customer, why you want to achieve X, and how they will action it.”

28. Vic Maine, Social Media Influencer

“Just send plain-text emails. spend more time and energy creating a powerful message, story, & offer.”

29. Paul de Fombelle, Global Development Director, Mailify

“Always have a plan. Define your main objective and determine the small goals you need to achieve.”


Now - It’s Your Turn!

I hope this advice helps you cut the noise and improve your email marketing efforts in this year ahead.
What do you think? Which one is your favorite tip? Please share your views in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

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