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16 Super Useful iOS and Android App Development Blogs For Developers in 2019 (UPDATED)

Blogs about apps are one of the most ideal approaches to stay aware of everything in the world of mobile development. Regardless of whether it’s remaining aware about significant announcements or attempting to have an edge on the rivals in business, there’s a development blog for each of the need.

iOS and Android App Development Blogs

Here is a list of top mobile app blogs that would be super useful for developers. The list includes both android development blogs and iOS development blogs :
Android Development Blogs
As far as Android platform is concerned, the following blogs will assist you to stay ahead of others. Ensure that you go through them if you are planning an Android release.
  • Square Island:
Square Island is penned down by Chiu-Ki Chan, a software developer with more than 6 years of experience working with Google. She gives a lot of development tips with sample codes along with images. This newsletter is an incredible approach to remain up-to-date. So, make it a point to subscribe this blog. You would benefit big time.
  • GitHub:
Of the top 10 best android blogs, this is the largest code host with more than 22.7m code sources. In their own words; the blog helps individuals create personal projects, try out new programming languages, and also host their earlier projects. The blog also helps businesses by supporting their development processes as well as by providing the platform to securely make up their softwares.
  • Android Developers Blog :
The Android Developers Blog is the official blog from the Android Platform and it’s the primary spot to check for Android related announcements. One of the highlights of this Android Developers Blog is the Android Developers Stories, where Google throws light on a portion of the more out of the box projects being developed with the use of their platform.
  • Grafix Artist :
Grafix Artist is dedicated towards visual aspects of Android development and is an extraordinary asset in the event that you require help making your application or game appear incredible visually on the Android platform. It has an exceptional segment brimming with tips as well, which is an awesome initiating point.
  • Android Tapp
This one is very engaging. Other than the usual; apps, news, and review segments, AndroidTapp also runs socially engaging pieces including HD games, racing games, and brain teasers for kids. That aside, you can also count on the blog to get you up to date with trending topics on Android services and products.

  • Android Open Source
If you’re into software development, unlike in the above two, you will find an entire source code available here. This blog offers the data you need to create personal variants of the Android stack and the Intel you need to port other accessories to your Android device as well as how to guides.
  • The CommonsBlog :
The CommonsBlog covers everything related to with Android and updates each couple of days. It can demonstrate to you how to accomplish various visual effects for Android and has additionally launched various books on the topic of Android development. Make it a point to check it out!
  • Android Hipster :
Android Hipster is a frequently updated blog that is loaded with tutorials and fascinating opinion pieces. They additionally deliver a podcast and are active on Twitter so make it a point to hit them up with any Android questions you may have!
iOS Development Blogs
These were a few of the well known android development blogs. Now, lets look at some of the iOS dev blogs

  • The Apple Blog:
The Apple Blog mostly focuses on informing us about the latest happenings in the world of Apple and providing some of the most helpful tutorials. It is possible to checkout on Adding Analytics to your App.
  • iOS Dev Weekly :
iOS Dev Weekly is a blog and newsletter that publishes a round-up of all the best iOS articles on each Friday. The round-up incorporates the best opinions, assets, and instructional exercises for mobile developers. Ensure to subscribe to get the maximum from iOS Dev Weekly.
  • iCode Blog:
iCode Blog provides not only tutorials on iPhone but also provide commentary which gives announcement regarding Flash CS5 which makes it possible to export iPhone apps.
  • Swift Blog :
The Swift Blog is the official blog for iOS developers so it’s frequently the first choice of money to make declarations with respect to the platform. It’s not the most frequently updated blog so it can be the best choice to subscribe to the RSS feed so despite everything you take full advantage of this blog.
  • NSHipster :
NSHipster, other than being an incredible iOS blog, likewise publishes hard books on mobile development. They publish a weekly blog entry on matters associated with iOS and have an extensive number of fulfilled benefactors. Take a look at their archives and quizzes to take full advantage of NSHipster.
  • iOS Goodies :
iOS Goodies is less a blog but rather more an awesome newsletter that conveys a round-up of the best articles and resources identified with iOS in each and every week. In case you’re keen on focusing on the iOS platform, this blog will send you all that you need. They have a dedicated focus on business and UI/UX.
  • Globe University Blog :
Globe University offers a genuinely proficient and informative blogs. It amazingly helpful for the individuals who are right now learning iOS development. You will be able to peruse posts written by working professors and staff from Globe University and it is for no cost.
This is one of the leading tutorial sites for app developers and anyone who would like to know more about programming. AppCoda has information related to iPad, iPhone, iOS programming, Swift, Objective-C, and building iOS apps.
Hope that you found this article on top mobile app blogs to be very useful and informative.


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