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15 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is versatile in all its attributes. When it comes to reaching out a group of people effectively then voice broadcasting is unparalleled. Many big brands use automatic voice broadcasting service towards a better business success.

Further to this, it is used in all type of responsive campaign which demands quick results like surveys, lead generation, alert information, political campaigns, weddings invitations etc. All in all voice broadcasting is cost effective way of reaching out your customers and make the benefits of your services conveyed to the end customers.

Because of a large number of simultaneous calls made possible with voice broadcasting, it’s one of the fastest ways to disseminate information on any running campaign.

As the picture above is indicating, record your voice, upload in the platform and send. Interested people will respond to you either via key inputs or calling back and then sales executive can pitch them to convert them into potential customers.

You should know why we need to invest in Voice broadcasting services over other marketing channels.

#1. Easy Setup                                                          

Voice broadcasting is an easy setup. No hardware required; you will get exactly what you are looking for to improve your Sales. Automated calling doesn’t need any deployment of agents. All you need is login into your web-based platform and broadcast your recorded message using multiple options and formats as per your current requirement.

#2. Brand  Presence                                                 

With Voice Broadcasting or Automated calling, you may send information/message to millions of people within fraction of time. When you want to contact hundreds, thousands or even crores of people as quickly as possible, you need a simple and powerful solution. When people hear your brand name you make your presence in their minds and references.

Keep sending informative calls to people about your new launch, new updates, all services you provice, how can you help them become a brand too. 

#3. Lead Generation                                               

Voice Broadcasting is a powerful tool used for promoting products messages and information at the right time. With the real time reports generation, multiple key input option and capacity to send millions of calls in a few minutes, your business appears strong, quick and reliable. Reach the audience to generate leads.

All you need is to be creative to use the option of voice broadcasting to generate more and more potential leads. 

#4. Real Time Statistics                                            

Voice leads can lead to conversions which are twenty times more than leads through web based tools like google adwords. Track each and every call you sent from the system. The live reports will mention the time of call initiation, time of call taken, call duration, how many seconds person heard the call and what are the inputs (1, 2 etc.) given by the person. 

#5. Return On Investment                                     

Voice Broadcasting is a cost-effective way to promote your business in both transactional and promotional ways. Voice broadcast is a just one-time investment and has long term benefits. Being economic the cost of each lead generated is lesser & conversions are higher as compared to other lead generation tools. Voice Broadcasting helps your business to reach true ROI potential.  

#6. Productivity                                                     

Calling the individuals manually cannot be consistent and the human effort behind such calls asks for the investment of time and money. With timely and consistent access, the possibilities of better results become more likely because, to close the sales call on a positive note it is necessary to initiate the conversation.

Make voice broadcasting tool a call center, those who are interested can be called by the concerned executive to drive sales. 

#7. Cost Effective                                                    

The cost effectiveness of voice broadcast is one of the most useful features as they help to get connected with the customers without any hardware set up. With minimum investment, you may generate potential leads & improve sales of your business. Imaging you have to hire a call center or built one yourself to genearte leads and handle your clients.

Voice boradcasting is a solution. No separate setup, no salaried people required. All you need is a web-based platform and one person to handle it. Even there is no need to technical knowledge. 

#8. Huge Capacity, Scalability & High Speed                                 

Unlike emails, Voice broadcasting allows you to engage with illiterate people, people who do not have internet connection or those who are visually impaired. There are many people who simply prefer to communicate verbally inspite of mail. Voice Broadcasting or OBD is the best platform to connect with all of these. You may able to schedule calls on huge data and send with high speed.

Very useful tool for government bodies who need to inform millions of people at once about emergency alerts like floods, earth quakes, medical attention etc. Similar is case with business people as well, where they need to inform their cleints ASAP about certain update, or service down etc. 

#9. As a Marketing Tool                    

Customers are needed to be accessed effectively and the purpose of making a presence felt for a good chunk of customers makes it an efficient tool to cater sales and promotion. In the online market, many big brands use voice broadcast to make customers aware about the products and start the sales process.  

#10. Leaving a Message to Customer in more Convenient Way      

The sense of being a service provider becomes totally pointless if the attributes of your services are not conveyed to the customers properly. With the help of voice broadcast, it becomes a lot easier to make the customer aware of the product and services.

#11. Campaign Management                                              

To make a campaign successful, voice broadcast can be utilized meaningfully. With the help of voice broadcasting, an automated voice message is sent to a particular group of people. This way effective messaging happening from a single source make the campaign more successful as it saves effort and the time behind it.

#12. Personalised Message                                  

Emails go into junk if they are carrying any advertising in it. Voice messages are given more importance and it also becomes easier for the listener to listen and understand than read a long mail and get the meaningful points out of it. A scripted message with personal touch leaves the recipient with a certain sense of recall that further helps to build a customer relationship more promising.

#13. Better Understanding                                                

Compared with text-based communications like emails or SMS, voice broadcast can be more personal. Voice Broadcasting offers more scope for getting across the character or attitude of your company. Equally, if you want to present an image of tight professionalism, it’s easily achieved with the right script and voice.

#14. Providing an Interactive Experience                                     

In the case of IVR (Interactive Voice Response), People who receive your message can respond using their touchpad or voice(with Key Press). This interactivity opens up a network of choices for the user, who can hear various messages or menu options according to the responses they give.

#15. Flexibility                                                         

Voice broadcast is as flexible for your business as it is for your customers. Messages are easily interchanged, recorded or altered as required. You can generate new messages and start getting them out within hours.
Catch mature and quality leads if you can for sales team to make their job easier—and more of your leads will be turned into revenue faster. Don’t focus on cold calling because it doesn’t work in today’s marketing world. As a business owner or marketer, you don’t want your sales teams wasting time cold calling from a list of unqualified leads.

According to surveys, businesses with mature lead generation practices achieve better sales productivity and higher revenue growth. And here is one channel which can make you more than 300% return on Investment – Interactive Voice Broadcast.

Interactive Voice Broadcasting is a next generation service to generate mature leads. It gives an opportunity to create a next generation call center – Interactive call center.

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