Wednesday, 6 November 2019

119 Fascinating Facts About Email Marketing [Infographic]

During the last couple of years, numerous internet marketing techniques have been invented. While some may have been successful, others have failed, yet email marketing represents one of the oldest techniques available and is still likely to have success today when implemented wisely.
To give you a better idea, there are various reasons why email marketing works. Some of the main ones include:
  1. The results are measurable. You can see how many times your emails have been opened, how many people have unsubscribed from your mail list, and even get access to customer complaints.
  2. The strategy is also cost-effective. Having an emailing system is both cheap and easy to maintain, and is likely to generate a huge return on your initial investment.
  3. Quality emails will establish your company as an authority in your field. Therefore, make sure to compose smart emails. Do more than other businesses do! Figure out how to target your customers, when to send your emails, and how to compose them.
  4. It is also repeatable. Just make sure to avoid becoming a nuisance to your customers.
As you’ve now seen few of the reasons why email marketing is bound to work, efficiently adopting a technique can be a bit difficult at first. This is why the folks behind Website Builder have decided to craft an infographic, granting readers access to a wide variety of stats, tips, and techniques which can be implemented for a successful email marketing campaign.

Not only this, as you’ll also be able to read a good number of case studies, and see how big companies have managed to improve customer loyalty, conversions, generate numerous leads, and attract huge profits, through the simple practice of sending customers the right emails at the right time.

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