Wednesday, 6 November 2019

11 Habits to Become a Successful Salesperson

The sales department of your organization is one of the most important as it is responsible for driving a large amount of revenues for your business. This makes the entire process of sales an art.
Successful sales involve keeping a lot of patience and perseverance throughout the entire process. Most of the sales people make mistakes by assuming things about customers.
They believe that whatever works for one customer will definitely work for another. But they fail to understand that each of the customers that come to them is different and have their own requirements.
Successful salespeople have many qualities that distinguish them from others. It does not matter what you are selling, conflicts will arise in sales.
They are unavoidable. The key is in preparing for it. You can spot some sales people struggling hard to make sales in an organization while others completing their targets without difficulties.
The difference between them lies in many aspects and one can learn them within no time.
So if you want to distinguish yourself and become a successful sales person, here are a few qualities that you must look forward to:

1. First impression makes the last impression

You may have often heard this saying about the impact of the first impression. When you meet a person for the first time, you need to have a positive impact on them so that they remember you that way.
According to a research in science, you have approximately 7 seconds to make an impression when you meet a person for the first time.
In this little time, if you are not able to make a good impression, you will struggle hard to overcome it.  Successful sales person know this fact and make sure to speak well and look sharp during those first meetings with the customer.

2. Prepare ahead of time

Successful sales people stay well prepared with their presentations and what they have to say in front of the buyer. In order to be a successful salesperson, you need to research about your prospect and gather all the information before you arrange for a meeting with them.
Just go with a plan as this will help you anticipate challenges and probable questions from the customer.

3. Take important notes

Most of the salespeople forget to mention important points during their meeting with the prospect. So it is important to take notes when you hear any important information, during a meeting or a conversation.
Because clients will remember the promises you made to them, it is important that you remember them too.

4. Have all the information about the product

One of the most important things about being a successful salesperson is that you remain well informed about the details of your product and your competitors.
And more importantly, try to know the customer’s need, only then you will be able to provide them with the best product.
According to a survey, even the customers prefer to do business with a salesperson that understands their needs well.

5. Don’t shy away from criticism

If you want to be a successful salesperson do not shy away from criticism. The worst would be to become defensive and not listen to the customer.
According to a survey, when customers complain, it is a sign that they want to keep doing business with you once the issue is sorted out. So, always have a welcoming attitude towards customer’s complaints.

6. Focus on building relationships

Instead of being a hard core sales person whose only motive is to sell their product, focus on building a relationship with the customer.
If you want to be a successful salesperson, you must understand that, customer relationships are the cornerstone of sales. It is important to not only make a new relationship but to also keep up with the existing customers.

7. Place yourself in customer’s shoes

In order to be a successful salesperson, you need to understand the customer well.  Tell them how your product can solve their issues or make their lives better.
For example, if you are selling garden tools, tell the customer about the time they will be able to save with their help. Focus on being an ally of the customer instead of a commoner sales person.

8. Follow ups are important

As important as it is to generate new leads, so is to follow up once a deal is closed. Following up on a sale is important, as you are increasing customer loyalty for your business.
Statistics reveal that 80 percent of a company’s revenue is driven by the top 20 percent of their loyal customers. This is a huge impact that loyal customers can have on your business.

9. Challenge the prospects

No doubt a salesperson must agree with their prospects and follow the ‘customer is always right’ principle. But only playing by the rules will not earn you respect. You should agree with your customer and at the same time challenge them.
Probe into your customer’s answers and challenge them when they find something in the deal is not adding up. Sometimes, agreeing too much with the customer gives an impression of authenticity.

10. Stay balanced

The key to becoming successful in sales is to have a balanced attitude. There are days when you might cater to the customer’s need successfully. While on some days you might not be able to close even a single deal.
A successful salesperson must keep their morale high and know how to balance between the high and lows of sales.

11. Take appropriate breaks

One of the basic necessities for a salesperson is to take appropriate breaks to refresh themselves. Because a sale revolves around numbers, it is important that salespeople are able to meet targets for their business.
Taking a break ensures that they salespeople do not get caught in the monotony of long working hours and stay optimistic with a positive attitude. Breaks are also scientifically proven to boost memory, help focus more and come up with refreshing ideas.
In order to master the art of sales, a salesperson must follow these necessary habits and stay calm at all times. Managing temper and having a positive attitude is a must in sales. Listen patiently to the customer as you would like to be listened.
Be open minded and try not to sit back and make assumptions. Successful salespeople also relate to their customer, that is how they are able to maintain a long lasting relationship with them.

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