Wednesday, 6 November 2019

104 Amazing Facts About Mobile Marketing (You Must Know)

During the last couple of years, marketing strategies have rapidly evolved with the increasing popularity of the internet, and the appearance of mobile platforms. For those who do not know, mobile marketing has often been referred to as one of the newest, and most prominent forms of digital marketing currently available on the market.
This is mostly thanks to the fact that it provides great abilities for targeting, therefore personalized information, but also the ability to promote both goods and services, directly on the mobile devices of people throughout the world, at a fairly low cost. Mobile marketing has therefore been defined as any form of marketing activity, conducted through a network that mobile platform users are connected to.
At this moment in time, some of the main benefits associated with mobile marketing, include, but are not limited to being able to send time and location-sensitive messages via SMS, app-based notifications, MMS, QR codes, in-app advertising, automated calls, voice email, NFC, Bluetooth and more.

Therefore, through this wide multitude of channels, marketers can help establish brand loyalty, increase customer engagement, but also the percentage of conversions, by encouraging mobile consumers to purchase goods and services.
detailed infographic compiled by the people behind, outlines some of the must-knows’ of mobile marketing, including its history, time spent on each platform, the most popular mobile marketing techniques, adoption rates, number of users by platform, user behaviour, loyalty programs, but also the influence of other factors, such as loading time, the design of ads, and the most successful methods being used.

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