Friday, 8 November 2019

10,000-Character Tweets May Arrive On Twitter

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Forget those 140 character limitations, buckle your seat and prepare for 10,000 characters of Twitter expression. A report from Re/code says longer tweets may be coming in Q1.

Feel like you just can’t express yourself enough in 140 characters? Traditionally you would have to use a third-party service or string together a series of tweets to get that message across. However Re/code has reported that Twitter is considering increasing the character limit to 10,000 characters as soon as Q1.
The impact shouldn’t have a dramatic impact on the user timeline, however. According to the report, Twitter is currently testing a version of the product in which tweets appear the same way they do now, displaying just 140 characters, with some kind of call to action that there is more content you can’t see. Clicking on the tweets would then expand them to reveal more content. The point of this is to keep the same look and feel for your timeline, although this design is not necessarily final, sources say. This appears to be a less egregious visual change — though a massive intrinsic shift.

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