Thursday, 7 November 2019


There can’t be a second opinion on the fact that marketing of a product or service to augment brand awareness and sales numbers demands countless hours of brainstorming sessions. But with the arrival of new age digital technologies, the creative job of think tanks have become a shade easy. Are the strategies adopted by digital marketing professionals really yield positive results? If so, what benefits are associated with digital marketing when compared with traditional marketing? This raging debate has assumed massive proportions even as traditional marketing has dwindled by huge quantum and digital marketing are witnessing huge leaps.
Well, the digital marketing has evolved very much and it can no more be called as a streak fad, says a SEO professional associated with Technooyster, a reputed digital marketing agency in Pune. Let us see what exactly are those advantages that are tilting the scale in favor of digital marketing.
1. Laser focus
As a product seller, would it not be a smart idea to approach an interested purchaser rather than a random group of people? Digital marketing campaigns are highly targetable with the focus clearly on users who are inclined towards purchasing a similar product or service. But in traditional marketing, the campaign is generic and no particular group of users can be targeted.
2. Cost effective
Are you aware how much it costs for a prime advertising slot during your favorite sports match or a long awaited movie premiere in television media? Or for that matter, cost of an advertisement in a hoarding or a front page of a national daily can be mindboggling. When compared with these costs, the advertisement campaigns through web or social media are highly cost effective, considering the results it can deliver.
3. Measurable results
As we talk of results, is it not great to invest in marketing campaign whose results can be measured? Digital marketing enables you to see the measures in real time and presents you a wonderful opportunity to refine the strategy and improve the results.
4. Global focus
With a click of button, your advertisement campaign can extend from the road you live up to the farthest place in the earth. Yes, through digital marketing you can go for localized or global campaign with same efforts and strategy. Unfortunately, it is only partially possible through traditional media.
5. Direct connection
One of the reasons for the success of digital marketing is attributed to its huge ability to connect directly with consumers. Be it through social media engagement or other digital platforms, the interaction between consumer and service provider is beyond match when compared with traditional marketing avenues.
6. Equal rights
How about launching your product and competing with a well established firm? The only successful route through which it can be achieved is digital marketing as it provides level playing field for both.
7. Real time results
Are you aware that while using digital marketing, it is quite possible in seeing number of visitors to your site, peak timings or seasons of brisk business, rate of conversions of your ad campaign and much more details in real time? Believe us, these are never possible through traditional marketing.
8. Easy fine tuning
One of the advantages of having real time results is the leverage we get to fine tune the process and achieve better results. As traditional marketing avenues can’t provide real time data, it is a distant dream.
9. Brand awareness
With the every growing popularity of social media, professional marketers are finding it easy to spread the word about new product launches and brand awareness. Although it is possible through traditional media, the focus can’t be made exclusively on the target groups.
10. Less intrusive
Well, lots of people hate receiving phone calls or mails in their post boxes about the products towards which they have least inclination. As online media presents wonderful opportunities to opt out, they are definitely less intrusive than any other media.
The list can go on and on and we would never get tired enumerating the benefits of digital marketing. If you are interested in trying out digital marketing avenues for better growth and results, contact us at Technooyster, a reputed SEO company in Pune.

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